The Big Full House Issue Its Creator Had To Fix With Fuller House

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Warning: spoilers ahead for the second half of Fuller House Season 3 on Netflix.

Fuller House debuted a brand new batch of episodes on Netflix with the second half of Season 3. At the beginning, the love triangle of Steve-D.J.-Matt was still going strong, with Steve's love interest C.J. on the side. The second half of the third season resolved the love triangle by making it clear that Team Steve was the place to be for D.J. Now, Full House and Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin has explained why Steve had to be the winner of D.J.'s heart, saying this:

I was always disappointed in what happened on Full House when I left the show [after Season 5]. I thought Steve and D.J. were a really great couple and the audience was very invested in them. The fact that the producers chose to break them up, and the storylines that followed, were not big crowd-pleasers. That always bothered me. So I looked at this show as an opportunity to let Steve and D.J. get back together someday and have a chance and see what happens. It was always my intention to give that relationship another chance, but I wanted to throw lots of obstacles in their way. It wasn't just something we were going to jump into from the beginning. That's where the triangle came from.

As it turns out, the decision to romantically reunite D.J. and Steve on Fuller House stems from what happened on Full House way back in Season 6 after Jeff Franklin left the series. He departed in order to focus on Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, leaving the fates of the Full House characters -- and their relationships -- in the hands of others. Full House fans will undoubtedly remember the downfall of Steve and D.J., so their romantic reunion in Fuller House was probably quite rewarding for many.

Of course, the love triangle definitely complicated things for both characters on Fuller House. Matt was by all accounts a pretty great guy, and D.J. clearly had strong feelings for him. Objectively speaking, Matt might have been the smartest choice. Still, there's no beating the chemistry and history between D.J. and Steve that has lasted all the way since their teenage years. Obviously the rekindling of their feelings was unfortunate for Matt and C.J., but the heart wants what the heart wants, and Steve and D.J.'s hearts apparently wanted each other.

Jeff Franklin's comments to TVLine indicate that he has intended to fix the breakup of Steve and D.J. for a very long time, so kudos to him for taking the time to rebuild their relationship rather than throw them back together right away. After all, a lot had happened during their years apart, and D.J. started off Fuller House as a mom occupied with her three kids and uncertain if she was ready to jump into a relationship again. Steve need to do some maturing as well. Fans of Fuller House watched them grow back into a place where they could feasibly be together; hopefully the end result will be worth the wait.

At this point, however, there's no saying how much of the end result we'll be able to see. There's no guarantee of a Season 4 at this point, although we shouldn't panic just yet. While Fuller House has been given extraordinarily quick renewals in the past, we shouldn't necessarily expect an answer on whether or not a fourth season will happen in the first couple of days after the latest batch of episodes has aired.

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