Fuller House's New Trailer Brings Wedding Surprises, Alligators And More To The Rest Of Season 3

It looks like things are going to get a lot more complicated for D.J. and Steve as Fuller House gets set to air the latter half of Season 3 on Netflix. With this new trailer, fans are teased with wedding surprises, alligators, waterfall diving, and a whole lot more, indicating we might just be in for the most thrilling episodes the series has aired to date. Check it out!

Well, the good news is that the airplane didn't go down on the way to Tokyo, and most everyone seems ready to celebrate C.J. and Steve's wedding. Everyone except Steve and D.J., that is, since it looks like both parties are wondering if they made the right call in choosing their respective partners. With Matt planning to propose to D.J., and Steve getting married to C.J. in Tokyo, we can only assume romance is going to be strained at some point in Fuller House Season 3.

How bad? Well, it looks like D.J. jumped off a waterfall just to avoid a conversation with Steve! Considering both characters are seen wearing those same outfits in the wedding scene, where D.J. was not soaking wet, it seems likely that Steve and C.J. will not get married in Fuller House Season 3, at least not without some big snafus. So that means the spinoff's series-long question of "Matt or Steve?" will once again rear its head, and it appears that even though Steve replaced D.J. with another girl, she still has enough feelings for him that nobody will have easy decisions to make.

D.J. drama aside, it looks like Stephanie is going to go forward with trying to have a baby and Kimmy is looking to be the surrogate. If someone could present a situation that sounds any more horrific than that. Even asking Kimmy to babysit is troublesome, but to rely on her to carry a fetus in her for nine months? No, thank you.

Beyond that, it's pretty hard to lay out what's going to happen in these next nine episodes, because the rest of the trailer is all over the place. There's an alligator arriving at the vet clinic, Fernando trying to flash dance, Jackson and Ramona at a cat cafe, the Full House men all sleeping in bed together, an '80s dance party, Jesse wearing a fake mustache, and Kimmy screaming like a falcon. In short, it sounds like Season 3 of Fuller House is going to be the standard level of crazy one can expect from this series. Still no Olsen twins, though, sadly.

The second half of Season 3 of Fuller House (opens in new tab) arrives on Netflix on Friday, December 22, at 12:01 a.m. PT. For some more information on when certain shows can be found before 2017 reaches its end, visit our fall premiere guide. For a look ahead at 2018 and the shows that are set to premiere or return there, head on over to the midseason premiere guide and start marking those calendars. For the list of shows that didn't were forced to jump off of the Waterfall of Cancellation, visit our cancellation guide.

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