White Famous Is Cancelled At Showtime, No Season 2 Coming

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After teasing some great things coming in the near future, Showtime has reportedly dumped one of its new half-hour comedies. After just one season, White Famous is no more, as the Jay Pharoah led series will not be receiving a Season 2. The series, which premiered in October of this year, will come to an end after just ten episodes, and its Season finale will presumably act as its series finale.

For those that have been paying attention to the moves Showtime has been making over the last few weeks, the news is not all that surprising. The network renewed its other half-hour comedy SMILF a few weeks ago, just four episodes into its run. But the announcement included nothing about White Famous, which was about to wrap up its inaugural season. While the show drew in an average viewership by the premium subscription service's standards when totaling numbers across all platforms, it had received several mixed reviews which may have led to Showtime's decision to drop the series. The dropping of White Famous will limit the network's offerings in the half-hour comedy genre, although they do have the Jim Carrey led Kidding coming down the pipeline.

The news is surely disappointing to Jay Pharoah, who has not posted on social media since the news broke via THR. White Famous was the next major project Pharoah landed after he was fired from the cast of Saturday Night Live, which did not happen without controversy. While he has lost White Famous, Pharoah does have other projects on the horizon as he will be appearing in a couple film projects #Twominutesoffame and Unsane in the near future.

While White Famous may not see a Season 2 renewal in the foreseeable future, its Season 1 episodes will remain relevant through Showtime's on-demand viewing service. With the number of shows Showtime sends over to Netflix, there's always that small chance that White Famous could find a breath of life if people start streaming it a lot on the platform. Granted, the chances of that are small, but with shows like Riverdale crediting a lot of their current success to people binging it Netflix, who's to say White Famous wouldn't get a second chance if it landed on the platform and started getting a lot of viewers?

Until then, White Famous is only available to view via Showtime's on-demand services. For a list of all the other shows that managed to get canceled in 2017, head on over to our cancellation guide and get some background as to why each show got the boot. Those more concerned with what's on television in the next couple days can still check the fall premiere guide and see where and when to catch the New Year's festivities. Anyone already looking ahead to the future can visit our midseason premiere guide and see all the new and returning shows coming to television over the next couple months.

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