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Why The Punisher Has A Good Chance To Show Up In More Crossovers With Daredevil And Others

The Punisher Jon Bernthal Frank Castle

Frank Castle made his bloody return to Netflix at the end of 2017 when The Punisher debuted, and he did not disappoint. Marvel's most violent vigilante kicked some serious ass in his action-filled freshman season, and the show's success naturally led to a swift renewal. We're excited to see where the next season takes Frank, but it looks like he won't actually be going far, because Season 2 is reportedly keeping him squarely within the confines of New York City again, which means we may see him continuing to mingle with other heroes from the Defenders universe.

New details about the production of The Punisher's second season have started to flow in, and the next set of episodes are said to be going into production sometime this year in New York City. This means that Frank will continue to operate in his natural habitat for the foreseeable future. While he could still venture outside of the city for a few episodes (which he did in Season 1), it seems likely that the bulk of the upcoming arc will remain in New York, which keeps Frank around to potentially show up in other Defenders offshoots like Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

This location decision, which was reported by the folks at Omega Underground, feels like a smart choice when we consider how Frank relates to the other heroes and supporting characters in these shows. He continued to have a strong bond with Karen Page on his own show, so it's apparent that he's not insulated from the other members of this universe, even if showrunner Steve Lightfoot wanted to keep superpowers out. The Punisher adds an exciting layer to every situation, so keeping him around as a wild card could easily provide a sense of unpredictability to every other series. And who wouldn't want to see Frank Castle and Jessica Jones knocking back some whiskey shots before getting into a gigantic bar brawl?

Anyone who has kept up with the overall Defenders universe should see how this represents an intriguing possibility. Every Netflix Marvel hero brings something unique to the table, but the real magic happens when two heroes of different ideologies get a chance to discuss (or ague) the merits of their respective personalities. And that's happened more often with the other four shows as time has gone by.

For some visual evidence, look no further than the argument between Matt Murdock and Frank Castle during Daredevil Season 2, where we first fell in awe with Jon Bernthal's anti-hero.

Now that The Punisher is rumored to be sticking around New York a little while longer, this means that we can hopefully see more moments like this as the Marvel Netflix landscape continues to expand. Though he doesn't have any special powers, Frank Castle has one of the most extreme black-and-white mentalities of any comic book character in existence -- hence his costume's color palette -- which always makes his presence alongside other heroes a fascinating mixture.

The Punisher Season 2 will begin its New York-based production later this year, and we will bring you more information about the upcoming run of episodes as new details are made available. Until then, check out our midseason premiere guide, and if you want to dig into more Punisher-centric content, then make sure to read our in-depth review of the show, and listen to our Punisher episode of The Cord Cutter Podcast to hear what we had to say about the insanely violent series.

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