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Johnny Galecki Is Totally Down To Do Even More Roseanne Episodes

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Johnny Galecki is a big name on the small screen thanks to his starring role on CBS' smash hit (and very long-running) sitcom The Big Bang Theory, but he'll soon appear on a different network. Galecki signed on to reprise his Roseanne role as David for the upcoming ABC revival. Unfortunately, he was only able to make time in his busy schedule to appear in one episode of the revival. Still, he had some encouraging words about the future of Roseanne, saying this:

If they come back next year for another eight or nine I would love to do more than one next year.

Well, that certainly puts a silver lining on the fact that David will only appear in one of the nine new episodes! Johnny Galecki's comments at the TCA press tour (via Variety) could mean a lot more David if a second season of the revival is ordered, which in turn would undoubtedly mean getting to see more of the family dynamic of David, Darlene, and their kids.

Of course, there's no guaranteeing at this point if Roseanne will get a second revival season. Since the revival hasn't actually premiered yet, we can't say if the ratings are high enough to motivate ABC to want another season. That said, other revivals have done well enough to warrant extra seasons, ranging from Fox's sci-fi drama The X-Files to NBC's beloved sitcom Will and Grace. Even Prison Break could come back again! Given the amount of buzz around the Roseanne revival, I'm guessing a second season will happen if the show is able to sign the principal actors on for more.

All things considered, it's entirely possible that Johnny Galecki's schedule could be opened up a lot more for a second season of Roseanne. Admittedly, he'll be busy with what may be the final season of The Big Bang Theory, but perhaps a renewal order could come early enough for him to work more Roseanne time into his schedule. He certainly seems willing enough to make it happen, and CBS was willing to lend him to ABC for Roseanne already. Maybe the stars could align for David to have a more prominent place in a second revival season.

The show would probably be able to fit him in easily enough, as we already know that David and Darlene's marriage has lasted through the years and into present day. They even have a pair of kids. If Roseanne can somehow bring Dan back despite his death in the original series, surely Roseanne can find a way to bring David back for more than one episode in a future season!

Only time will tell. The Roseanne revival will premiere on Tuesday, March 27 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Our midseason TV premiere guide can fill you in on the other shows you'll be able to watch in the coming months. If you're now in the mood to watch some of Johnny Galecki's early work as David in the original run of Roseanne, you can find the full series streaming on Amazon Prime.

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