How Roseanne's Revival Will Be Handling Darlene And David's Relationship

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TV is currently in an era of reboots, remakes, and revivals, which has brought a number of shows back years after we thought they were done for good. Classic comedy Roseanne will be getting the revival treatment for 2018, and many of the original characters will be back. The revival will more or less erase the series finale, meaning that Darlene and David did get married and had a baby girl during the run of the show. We can't say at this point if both Darlene and David will appear in the revival, but it seems that their kids will be.

Yes, that's kids, plural. TVLine reports that the Roseanne revival will introduce Darlene and David's daughter and son. Their daughter, Harris, will be 14 years old with the attitude and appearance of her mom at that age. Harris as a teenage troublemaker will certainly be different than Harris as viewers last saw her. She was born months prematurely in one of the final episodes of the series, so she was no more than a baby during her appearances on Roseanne. At the very least, it's nice to know that Darlene and David didn't run into more heartbreak with their infant daughter.

Darlene and David's other child will be a son under the age of 10. His name has not yet been released, and there has been no physical description just yet. Given that Harris has evidently grown to look just like Darlene, I have to hope that the boy is the spitting image of David, just for the sight gag alone.

The big question now is how much of a presence Darlene and David will have as in parents in the revival. Sara Gilbert is back as Darlene, so we'll undoubtedly see plenty of her. Johnny Galecki, who played David during the original run of Roseanne, has not yet announced whether he will or will not return. Galecki is pretty busy on the small screen thanks to his role on CBS' The Big Bang Theory, and it's possible that he might not even be able to reprise his role as David even if he wants to.

If Galecki isn't able to return, there are a few directions Roseanne could go. The show could simply write off David as divorced from Darlene or even dead, although that would be an awfully heavy twist for a sitcom revival. He could also simply be out of town or running errands or at work. Who knows? Maybe Roseanne could deal with an absent Johnny Galecki the way Fuller House deals with the absent Olsen twins.

Personally, my fingers are crossed that Johnny Galecki has at least a small presence in the Roseanne revival. He was an important part of the cast, and it would be fun to check in on Darlene and David, still together and raising their family as a unit. Surely The Big Bang Theory could spare him long enough, right? We can only hope.

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