With the second season of Game of Thrones quickly approaching, you may need to brush up on the first season. While I doubt fans would object to rewatching the entire first season (over and over again), HBO released a helpful promotional video that looks back on the first season, and features the cast and writers as they discuss the series.

I wouldn’t recommend this video as a crash course for new viewers. The story’s a bit too complex (and amazing) to be condensed into a 22-minute video. Plus, there are major spoilers from Season 1. But if you haven’t gotten around to revisiting the first season, the “You Win or You Die” video below does a nice job of breaking down the highlights of the season, as cast members and writers discuss various elements of the series. And at about the sixteen-minute mark, they start to look ahead at where things are going for the story in Season 2.

I went into Game of Thrones Season 1 having read the book, and while I absolutely loved how the HBO series brought the story to life, I decided not to read “A Clash of Kings” ahead of Season 2. I may or may not regret this, but I’m excited to get to experience the next part of the story knowing very little about what’s in store for the characters.

According to Peter Dinklage, “Fans who want blood and battle won’t be disappointed with Season 2.”

?Game of Thrones Season 2 premieres Sunday, April 1 on HBO.

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