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Netflix may have gotten more comfortable with cancelling some of its original series in 2017, but there's no guarantee that the streaming giant will ever part ways with some of its signature programming. Case in point: the multi-cam reboot Fuller House has been renewed for Season 4, which will debut at some point in 2018. Netflix subscribers can now rest easy, knowing all those Season 3 finale cliffhangers will one day get answered; not that thinking about a pregnant Kimmy Gibbler will make anyone's sleep more restful.

Netflix announced that Fuller House was renewed for Season 4 just over a month after the streaming service unleashed the back half of Season 3 on fans, so one might assume that the viewer stats for those latest nine episodes were mighty impressive. Though concrete ratings numbers are insanely hard to come by where Netflix is concerned, the company has only said good things about its Fuller House audience, and it's possible that the fanbase keeps growing. (Especially since Full House itself is now available to stream, albeit on Hulu.) At this point, it would be far more shocking to reach the day when Fuller House gets cancelled, as opposed to getting another set of episodes ordered. Just look at how Netflix advertised the announcement:

So long as fans keep writing letters and tweets and emails and everything else, Netflix will continue knowing just how hardcore Fuller House's following is, and creator Jeff Franklin will keep conceiving plot points to get everybody riled up and talking about these long-beloved TV characters' lives. Because as it was established, the Fuller House family unit is getting permanently bigger in the future, with Bob Saget's Danny, John Stamos' Jesse, Dave Coulier's Joey and Lori Loughlin's Becky all moving back to San Francisco, and Danny is (at least temporarily) holing up inside his old bedroom. (Possibly with his old flame Vicky somewhere nearby?) Is there a world where all the original stars return for good and Fuller House doesn't get renewed?

Fuller House's lead trio of females also have some big story avenues to go down when Season 4 gets here. D.J. and Steve's love rhombus took an interesting turn in the latter Season 3 episodes, and they'll seemingly get to try and develop a real, undisturbed-by-others relationship again, though his new job with the L.A. Lakers could make things tough. Speaking of tough, though, let's all start quivering in our boots over the prospect of Kimmy's impending pregnancy. Having her stand in as a surrogate for Stephanie is possibly the most interesting and left-field element Fuller House will have introduced yet, though we're betting the madness and mayhem it inspires will fall right in line with everything else.

Now let's shake off some of our excitement with star Andrea Barber's dance-filled renewal announcement.

Netflix currently has the first three seasons of Fuller House available to stream in full, with Season 4 getting produced and released later in 2018. Our 2018 Netflix schedule will keep you up to date on other streaming programming this year, while our midseason premiere schedule will help pinpoint all the other great shows arriving on primetime in the coming months.