Why Fuller House Finally Brought That Original Character Back In Season 3

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Season 3 of Fuller House! Read at your own risk!

As every trailer for the show has shown us thus far, a lot of pretty crazy things have happened on Fuller House. While the back half of Season 3 definitely had some wild moments worth mentioning, perhaps the craziest thing happened when the show brought O.G. Full House character Vicky Larson back into Danny Tanner's life. Full House and Fuller House series creator Jeff Franklin explained why she's back, and well as saying he hopes Vicky's return will bring some positive resolution to her character that he feels classic fans were robbed of:

The storyline just took us to Danny getting divorced and being single again, and we felt it would be a good time to bring her back and reintroduce her. Not that there's necessarily going to be a rekindling of their romance, but it was just a good time in our storytelling to see them together again. We spent a lot of time building Vicky's character and building that relationship, and that one got ripped apart as well. I don't think any of those decisions were big crowdpleasers back in the day. All of those little decisions contributed to the show's early demise. For me, it's just nice to bring her back and say we love you. That was what it was about for me.

As Full House fans might remember, Danny Tanner and Vicky Larson (played by Gail Edwards) got romantic throughout her time on the series, although things started to fall apart when she took a reporting job in Chicago and the two began a long distance relationship. Danny eventually proposed to Vicky at Disney World, and while she said yes, she later landed her dream job anchoring network news in New York City. With Vicky unwilling to move back to San Francisco, and Danny unwilling to uproot his family to move to New York, the two parted ways and ended their engagement. Fan rage ensued.

Jeff Franklin, who was no longer with the show at the time of Danny and Vicky's breakup, told TVLine that Danny and Vicky's stunted relationship on Full House is one of the few things that never sat right with him. Now, with Danny back and single again in San Francisco, Franklin has a chance to give the couple the proper ending he always wanted. Whether that means Danny and Vicky getting back together and living happily ever after, or the two just having a sappy rekindling story arc together, it remains to be seen. Truth be told, one can never really know what to expect when watching Fuller House!

Something that doesn't seem like it will happen is Danny leaving San Francisco anytime soon. Jeff Franklin said he chose to move the older-generation gang back to town as it felt tiring to constantly look for excuses for why the entire Full House gang was continuously popping up at the family home. So, if Fuller House fans start to hear Vicky asking Danny to move anywhere that's too far away from the Golden Gate Bridge, expect for things not to work out.

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