Why Stranger Things’ David Harbour Really Needs To Win At The Golden Globes

stranger things season 2 hopper dance

The nominations for the 2018 Golden Globes have finally been released, and the competition in all the major categories is fierce. Smash Netflix series Stranger Things scored a couple of noms, one of which has David Harbour in the running for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series. All five actors who have been nominated are talented and turned in engaging performances, but there's a big reason why David Harbour really needs to be the one to take the top prize. Harbour posted this on social media about what he would do if he wins:

Yes, David Harbour (who is no longer trusted with Stranger Things spoilers) promised on Twitter to do his dance from Stranger Things if he wins a Golden Globe, and that should really be enough for him to take home the trophy. Honestly, if some of the other actors in the running choose to drop out of the race just to guarantee some Hopper dance moves on national television, could we really blame them? It would certainly spice up an awards show.

The dance came about in Stranger Things Season 2 in one of the flashback scenes between Hopper and Eleven. Hop had just brought El to the cabin that would be her new home and put on a record. In what could only be a move to try and make the withdrawn Eleven smile, Hop began to do a little dance to "You Don't Mess Around With Jim." It was by far the goofiest we'd ever seen Hopper on the series, and it made the Hopper/Eleven dynamic all the more endearing.

Assuming David Harbour doesn't wear his Stranger Things costume to the Golden Globes, we'd get to see him do the Hopper dance in a whole new outfit on a very different stage. I can practically see the gifs already. The sticky wicket when it comes to the possibility of the Hopper dance at the Golden Globes is that David Harbour is facing some stiff competition. He's up again Alfred Molina for Feud: Bette and Joan, Christian Slater for Mr. Robot, Alexander Skarsgard for Big Little Lies, and David Thewlis for Fargo. Genre series aren't usually big winners at mainstream awards shows, so we shouldn't start counting on Harbour taking home the trophy right now.

Of course, Stranger Things is also nominated for Best TV Series - Drama. Who knows? Maybe David Harbour could bust out his dance moves for a show win, if not for a Best Supporting Actor win. If Millie Bobby Brown is present, perhaps the duo could even recreate the scene, which you can check out below:

You can see all the winners and losers of the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, January 7 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. The full lists of TV nominations and movie nominations indicate that we're in for an exciting night. For other viewing options, take a look at our 2018 midseason TV premiere schedule.

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