Netflix's Sabrina Show Has Cast Aunt Hilda, And Its A Great Choice

Lucy Davis Dianne Shaun Of The Dead

Netflix has been chugging along with casting for its Sabrina The Teenage Witch reboot, and after learning the casting of Sabrina and a couple other roles, fans now know the actress who will play Aunt Hilda. British actress Lucy Davis, who has starred in projects like Shaun of the Dead and DC's Wonder Woman, will step into one of the major roles in the series as Sabrina's aunt. Davis' casting knocks out yet another prominent character in this universe, as she plays one of Sabrina's primary caretakers and magical mentors.

Lucy Davis' Hilda Spellman doesn't appear to be entirely different from the Hilda Spellman from the original television hit Sabrina The Teenage Witch, as her character description labels her as the more "motherly," and "nurturing," of Sabrina's two aunts. However, the darkness in the new Hilda Spellman is found in the latter half of her description, which includes the witch's ability to brew spite jars against her family's enemies. Deadline also mentioned her brewing up love potions too though, so perhaps she's not quite as dark as most characters appearing in this tale based on Archie Comics' Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be.

Lucy Davis' casting takes another key character for the Sabrina series off the table, as the actress will join Kiernan Shipka who has been cast as Sabrina. Davis' and Shipka aren't the only announced cast members of the Spellman family so far, as the series added Chance Perdomo to play Sabrina's English cousin Ambrose Spellman. Sabrina having an English cousin is interesting, given Lucy Davis being an English born actress. With this casting, its possible Hilda Spellman might be English in this series, although we have no way of knowing that for certain. Suffice to say if the actress who will play Zelda Spellman ends up being British, then we'll have to start wondering what the family connection is between Ambrose and either of the two Spellman sisters.

Lucy Davis is a big get for Netflix's Sabrina series, as the actress is still hot in Hollywood following her role as Etta Candy in DC's Wonder Woman. She's currently part of a series in post-production titled Kick, and with a Wonder Woman sequels already planned, there could be questions surrounding her availability if the show takes off past Season 1. That said, current speculation surrounding the plot of Wonder Woman 2 wouldn't leave one to assume Davis' role will be quite as large as the first film (if she appears at all). And with no major news surrounding this Kick series, it sounds like Davis' schedule is cleared for as many Sabrina episodes as the show will have her in.

The Sabrina The Teenage Witch Netflix series doesn't have a release date just yet, but with casting rolling along there's bound to be an announcement regarding the show's release sooner than later. For some information on show's that do have confirmed release dates, visit our midseason premiere guide.

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