New Star Wars Rebels Series Finale Trailer Reveals Epic Battles And A Ton Of Familiar Faces

We're only days away from the series finale of Star Wars Rebels, and fans are in for a three-part event that will hopefully bring the story of the Ghost crew to a satisfying end. The last several episodes have been intense affairs that saw the death of Kanan, the return of Ahsoka, and an appearance from the Emperor himself. A brand new trailer for the finale has been released to tease what's in store in the aftermath of these huge events, and it reveals some epic battles and a whole lot of familiar faces. Take a look!

I'm not sure if I'm more nervous for the characters or excited about what's in store with the series finale! On the one hand, we do know that at least two (and possibly three) members of the extended Ghost family will survive the finale. On the other hand, the rest of the Ghost crew doesn't appear in the original trilogy timeline that's been established so far, and Ezra presents a problem as a living Jedi. The death of Kanan is proof that Rebels won't hold back from killing off characters if their deaths fit the narrative (and set up A New Hope), so we shouldn't assume that everybody will survive the finale.

The trailer gives a good look at what the Empire will unleash on Lothal, presumably in retribution for the destruction of the fuel pods (although that was technically Pryce's fault) and the disappearance of the Force pathway that the Emperor very much wanted.

star wars rebels star destroyer finale

The Empire will be sending what looks like a fleet of Star Destroyers to Lothal, and they will wreak a lot of havoc on the people living on the planet. Apparently the Imperials are done simply oppressing the people of Lothal and are ready to move into full assault. There really may not be much left for them to lose of TIE Defender production can't resume immediately and there's no temple to be protected. The good news is that the trailer proves Ezra will be calling a whole bunch of his pals in to help in the final fight for his home planet.

star wars rebels wolffe gregor rex kallus

Rex will apparently return to Seelos to retrieve his former clone comrades-in-arms, Wolffe and Gregor, to pitch in for the fight against the Empire. The other two clones decided to stay out of the fight way back in Season 2, but the time clearly has come for them to get back into action. Kallus is with the trio of clones as well, which makes sense. He and Rex were left in charge of the Ghost, and he was likely with Rex on the mission to get Wolffe and Gregor. Given that Kallus was trying to destroy them the last time they interacted, they must have all had an interesting meeting.

star wars rebels series finale vizago

Vizago will be in the mix, as well as Mart Mattin, Ryder, Hondo (as seen only briefly in another shot), and a bunch of nameless rebels who are probably going to die horrible deaths thanks to the bombardment, the ground battle, and whatever Thrawn has in store. We can bet that he has a plan of his own, if only because he's seemingly invested in taking down Hera, and he may have a bone to pick with them after the destruction of the fuel pods. Sure, Pryce is to blame for that incident, but the rebels drove her to her crazy decision. Thrawn is also seen in the trailer holding the mask of a Jedi Temple Guard, which can't mean anything good for the good guys:

Thrawn is stating that what truly matters is who has power, which makes me wonder why he's holding the mask. He has no reason to love the Force thanks to all the trouble Kanan and Ezra have caused him, not to mention what the Bendu did and said to him in the Season 3 finale. Something tells me Thrawn is examining the mask for more reasons than just appreciating art. We'll have to wait and see.

The series finale of Star Wars Rebels will run for 90 minutes on Monday, March 5 starting at 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney XD. To prepare for the final episodes, check out our breakdown of ways the latest episodes set up the finale as well as how Rebels set up Rogue One. In case you're already sad about saying goodbye to the Rebels characters, swing by our picks for characters who need to appear in the movies to see how they could turn back up in the Star Wars saga. There's even a way for Kanan to return! For your other viewing options, be sure to take a peek at our midseason TV premiere guide.

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