Could A Home Improvement Revival Happen? Here's What Tim Allen Says

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Home Improvement grunted and growled its way through primetime television for an impressive 8 seasons, and with a run that successful, one has to wonder if anyone in Hollywood is eyeing the series for a revival. Tim Allen addressed that very question in a recent statement that could make diehard fans of Home Improvement very happy. Allen had this to say about chats he's had with the rest of the cast about a potential revival:

I can't say everybody, but it has been floated. And more than I would have expected said, 'Yeah, that would be cool to do it years later,' like Roseanne.

Tim Allen didn't reveal who else was on board for a potential Home Improvement revival, but there are some cast members of the show that have collaborated with Allen since the series' end that we can assume he's "floated" the idea by. Patricia Richardson (Jill), Richard Karn (Al), and Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy) were all actors on Allen's latest cancelled television series Last Man Standing, and if Allen's been kicking around this idea for awhile, he's more than likely talked to them. As for the rest of the cast, Allen hinted to ET he'd be willing to lead the charge and rally anyone else to get involved if talk of a revival got serious.

Tim Allen is down for a Home Improvement revival if it happens, but if a chance to do Last Man Standing again came up, he might have a problem. Allen seems to indicate that while he wouldn't mind doing a revival of his classic 90s series, he really wants to get another season for Last Man Standing:

I like that idea. I still miss Last Man Standing. We didn't get our seventh year. I adored that show. It's like having a new dog and now to go back to the old dog? I don't know. I like both characters, but yeah, I'd be very interested in that idea.

What a strange analogy! Does Tim Allen just discard an old dog when he gets a new dog? Wouldn't a dog lover embrace the personality and qualities of each dog and try not to deem one superior over the other? Iffy analogy aside, Allen sounds like he's saying that he's not quite ready to give up on Last Man Standing coming back to television, but if the right things fell in place to make a revival for Home Improvement happen, he'd probably put his efforts into that.

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