The Reason Zach Braff Returned To Network TV For Alex, Inc.

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Scrubs went off the air back in 2010, and after years of sporadic appearances in films and other tv shows, Zach Braff is heading back to network television for a starring role in the ABC comedy Alex, Inc. Braff's absence from primetime TV was completely intentional, since many projects would have welcomed him with open arms after his memorable role as Scrubs' J.D., but nothing really seemed to interest him. Braff was waiting for a special project unlike anything he's ever done, and while it didn't necessarily come from the place he expected, he believes Alex, Inc. is that project:

Like most actors, I was thinking that when I do come back to TV, it'd be something cool on a streaming channel where they do these amazing shows I binge just like everyone. But when you have a piece of content that's as broadcast-friendly as Alex, Inc. is, there's no need for it to be anything but PG. We all agreed this is what there's more room for on TV.

Zach Braff is bringing a PG show to ABC in a television landscape that frequently sees networks and studios pushing the censorship boundaries to compete with streaming and premium channels. Alex, Inc. does not feature the off-the-wall antics or occasional raunchiness of Scrubs, and it definitely stays away from the heavy subject matter tackled by BoJack Horseman and Inside Amy Schumer, both of which featured Braff as guest stars. While fans of those properties might be dismayed to hear that news, Braff is thrilled to be doing something different and accessible to all ages. Braff told THR the show didn't need anything above a PG rating to tell its story, which is based on the experience of NPR journalist Alex Blumberg's attempt to start his own podcasting company.

Scrubs fans shouldn't dive into Alex, Inc. with wariness, though, as Zach Braff said there are definitely some similarities between his character Alex Schuman and Dr. John Dorian. Braff said that's mainly due to the fact that both characters are really just versions of who he is in real life, and he credits that optimal approach for making the creative process for his character easier. Alex Schuman's J.D. vibes could also be intentional due to former Scrubs writer Matt Tarses being an executive producer for Alex, Inc. Even if the similarities between the two characters is small, its hard not to see J.D.'s silliness creeping into the character of Alex in the show's trailer, which features Braff acting out a scene where he's podcasting in bed:

With voiceover narration also included, Alex, Inc. premieres on ABC on Wednesday, March 28, at 8:30 p.m. ET. For more stuff about Zach Braff and Scrubs, read up on what happened to the taxidermied dog Rowdy after the series went away. For more on upcoming television, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. And speaking of pocasts, everyone should definitely check out both of CinemaBlend's wonderful entries, The Cord Cutter Podcast and ReelBlend.

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