Why Will And Grace Had That Emotional Debbie Reynolds Episode

Grace with her family on Will and Grace

If there's one trend that is ruling both TV and film production, it's nostalgia. Audiences' need to return to a simpler time has resulted in a ton of long awaited sequels and reboots, to varying levels of success. One of the most popular of these revivals is NBC's new season of Will & Grace, which has already been renewed for a second set of episodes. The beloved sitcom has been tackling very real world issues during its new season, and the latest episode was no exception. Titled "One Job", the latest ep sees the Adler family together to celebrate Bobbi's birthday. This allowed the show to pay tribute to the late Debbie Reynolds, and it turns out that it was actually Debra Messing's idea to honor her in this way. As she tells it,

Debbie's loss was obviously a loss to the whole world, but she played my mom and I felt very close to her and her loss was really, really hard. Especially when we were referencing her in the show. I just said, 'Please, please. We have to honor her.' And they did. They wrote the episode and I think it's beautiful and hilarious. They did right by Debbie.

It looks like it was none other than Debbie Reynolds' onscreen daughter that made sure the legendary icon was honored properly on the new episode of Will & Grace. What resulted as an emotionally charged episode-- something that has been a theme for the new revival.

"One Job" follows the Adler family (Grace, her sisters, and father) as they assemble to carry out Bobbi's dying wish: for them to celebrate her birthday. It figures that Grace's drama queen mother would still find a way to be the center of attention, even in the afterlife. This gave Will & Grace cast, crew, and fans to honor Debbie Reynolds, who suddenly passed away in 2016 after her daughter Carrie Fisher died just hours before.

Debra Messing's comments to THR show that she truly understands the weight of Debbie Reynolds' legacy in show business. Because while the world might have collectively mourned for Carrie Fisher and Leia Organa, her mother was bonafide Hollywood royalty.

Up until the most recent episode of Will & Grace, it was unclear exactly when or how Bobbi Adler died in the show's canon. She was revealed to have passed early in the new season, and a photo of Debbie Reynolds is shown in every episode. Rather than focusing on Bobbi's death, Will & Grace actually gave Rosario a proper funeral-- although actress Shelley Morrison is actually alive and well.

Will & Grace airs Thursdays on NBC. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch. Plus our superhero premiere list and Amazon premiere list to ensure you don't miss a single episode.

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