Reality Star Kate Gosselin Is Getting A New Show About Her Love Life

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Kate Gosselin first came into Americans' lives when she and then-husband Jon welcomed sextuplets into their family which already consisted of two twin girls. Jon & Kate Plus 8 became a popular show for TLC to the point that not even the couple's divorce was able to sink the franchise. Kate Plus 8 continued Kate Gosselin's journey with her older children, and now, TLC is looking to make yet another series about the family. Kate Gosselin will star in Kate Plus Date, a new reality series which will show the reality star's attempt to re-enter the dating world.

Kate Plus Date is set to premiere this fall on TLC and will feature Kate Gosselin getting back into the groove of dating at age 43 and eight years divorced from her ex-husband Jon. The new series will place Gosselin with a professional matchmaker who will attempt to find potential guys that would be right for her. The couple will then hit the town with cameras and a crew there to capture every awkward moment, faux pas, and romance that should happen along the way. As awkward as that might be for the other person, Gosselin has stated that's her preferred way to date and that it will make her "feel safe" to have others around to witness her time with "some stranger."

Gosselin, who said her reason for wanting to get back out there was rooted mainly in her twin daughters' encouragement, will look for that next Mr. Right willing to sweep her off her feet and be there for her teenage children. Gosselin doesn't have a clear idea of who that person could be at the moment, but told People she'd like someone with a good career who loves dogs and will be willing to offer advice to her kids. Gosselin added that if her Kate Plus Date companion has to travel for work that would be great as she likes her alone time and certainly doesn't want someone she has to take care of.

Kate Plus Date sounds as though it will undertake a challenging process to find the man perfect for Kate Gosselin, although that's probably ideal for TLC, as "love at first sight" would likely mean a quick end to this series. Kate's standards for the perfect man seem awfully high, and when paired with the fact that person she finds will also have to be okay with being part of a reality series and a household full of young teenagers, it sounds like the list of available bachelors will be short. There's also the whole Jon Gosselin drama which is sure to come into play, so we'll just have to wait and see just who this matchmaker is able to find for Kate.

Kate Plus Date is coming to TLC in the fall of 2018. For more information on upcoming television, be sure to visit Cinema Blend's midseason premiere guide and summer premiere guide.

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