Watch The Walking Dead's Steven Ogg Get His Mustache Shaved Off On Talking Dead

Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. If you haven't seen "Worth", check out one of our other awesome stories.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead has been truly unpredictable, as All Out War continues to evolve, challenging the survivors and their communities. As the explosive season comes to a close, the fandom has been waiting for some major character deaths. The penultimate episode delivered this with the end of Simon the Savior, after being caught in an attempted mutiny against Negan. Actor Steven Ogg (Westworld, Broad City) has been playing the character since he popped up in the Season 6 finale, rocking an impressive mustache and chops the whole time. But now that crazy thing is gone, and it happened live on the after show Talking Dead. Check it out.

And just like that, Steven Ogg's chin is no longer connected to his mustache, and the facade of Simon seemingly fades away. The quirky and brutal Savior has been making serious waves in the past few seasons, and seeing the stache chopped off by three different people seems like a fitting way to see him off.

The above clip from Talking Dead is pretty delightful, as fellow Walking Dead actor Christian Serratos got to get in on the action. Rosita was the subject of a fair amount of one liners from Simon and Dwight while Alexandria was serving The Saviors, so it's nice to see Queen Ro Ro getting her revenge at long last.

Funny enough, Steven Ogg has actually been thinking about the eventual shave of his character's mustache. CinemaBlend's Nick Venable spoke with the actor about this season of The Walking Dead and asked if it'll be time to chop off the facial hair once Simon kicks the bucket.

Oh god, yes. I think Michael Cudlitz experienced that same thing of 'Holy crap, I can't wait to get rid of this thing on my face.' It's almost become this...people now talking about my mustache, and as soon as someone starts talking about your facial hair, lord, is it ever time to get rid of it. It's a big mustache, and it's funny -- even when I've done other things without mustaches, people will be talking about something, and all of a sudden it dawns on them. 'Oh my god! That was you? I had no idea! You look totally different. You didn't have your mustache!' Yeah, that's right, I didn't have my mustache and I look different. Thank you, you're right. [laughs]

Aside from Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, Simon is one of the most fascinating characters to come out of The Saviors. His Season 7 appearances were mostly him taunting various communities, with an interesting mix of charm and villainy. But the second half of this season gave him some great places to go, starting with his decision to slaughter Jadis' people The Scavengers. This is a choice that seems to still have unknown repercussions, as she's still out there somewhere.

Things only got crazier when Rick attempted to kill Negan, giving Simon the chance to take matters into his own hands as the community's leader. And when Negan eventually returned to reclaim his throne, some Game of Thrones style betrayals happened, revealing Simon wasn't too fond of the villain after all.

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