Watch Katy Perry Throw Shade At Taylor Swift On American Idol

2017 was a wild year, and while it will likely be remembered for far bigger things, some may remember it as the year Katy Perry and Taylor Swift allegedly buried the hatchet. Perry offered a public apology to the contemporary pop idol, and the whole drama between them seemed to have subsided. Now, less than a year later, Perry is putting the gloves on once again as she threw shade at her rival in a recent episode of American Idol:

Katy Perry transformed into "Katy Petty," and broadcasted a backhanded compliment regarding Taylor Swift out to the nation after an American Idol contestant confessed he looked up to Swift. At first, Perry's compliment that she loves Swift as a songwriter seems innocent enough, but thanks to ABC's wonderful editing that featured the bearded contestant's ear-to-ear grin immediately after, the comment's cattiness is really brought to the forefront. Perry supposedly loves Swift as a songwriter, but audiences were left to assume that this means Perry's opinion on Swift as an actual person is not as generous.

Of course, most folks who have been following this feud before watching American Idol knew Katy Perry still didn't like Taylor Swift following their feud's end. Perry stated in her original apology when she attempted to end the feud that she "didn't agree with everything," Swift does and, coincidentally enough, called her a "fantastic songwriter," there as well. Perry's latest shade isn't necessarily anything new, but her decision to publicly broadcast it is interesting, considering rumors regarding a recent event that led many to assume two had sorted through all of their "Bad Blood."

Katy Perry was rumored to have a cameo in Taylor Swift's music video "End Game," a couple months prior to this incident and was believed to have visited the set of the music video between shooting footage for American Idol. The music video was released, and while there were some blurry shots of a background dancer who certainly looked like the pop-star, Perry was nowhere to be seen in the video. Perry's recent shade might be tied to the fact that she took time out of her schedule to film what she believed to be a truce with Swift, only to be snubbed by the singer when she was ultimately cut out of the footage. If that were true, it would certainly make Perry seem less petty, and merely an individual putting her rival on notice after Swift subtly reignited their feud.

Fans will have to wait and see what other shade Katy Perry has in store for Taylor Swift by watching American Idol on ABC Sundays and Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at other television shows that are set to premiere in the coming weeks of 2018, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. For more on Katy Perry, check out her wardrobe malfunction on American Idol, or perhaps read about the time a nun died during a court case involving the singer.

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