Watch Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Totally Freak Out After Meeting Mark Hamill

Mayim Bialik plays the scientist with a somewhat flat on-the-surface personality Amy on CBS' The Big Bang Theory, but her real-life personality is far more animated. Case in point, Bialik recently had the honor of interacting with Star Wars actor Mark Hamill leading up to his appearance on the comedy sitcom and totally freaked out after meeting him. Bialik was so jazzed to be meeting one of her lifelong heroes that she had to share the news with the world, despite having just come from a workout:

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Mayim Bialik continued to gush about how big the moment was in her blog post, which detailed her childhood obsession with Mark Hamill. For Hamill, it may have just been another encounter with an enthusiastic fan of his work, but for Bialik, it was a moment years in the making. Bialik recalled several childhood fantasies of marrying Luke Skywalker and admitted she was even afraid to see him that day on set because she was afraid he wouldn't live up the impossible image of him she already had in her mind. As this video might have already clued folks in on, Hamill didn't disappoint.

Mark Hamill's presence in the upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory is undoubtedly unforgettable, so suffice to say Bialik couldn't have avoided him even if she tried. Bialik wrote in her Grok Nation blog that when the two did finally meet, he was every bit as amazing as she had built him up in her mind to be! Hamill was even kind enough to admit he may have peed his pants upon meeting Bialik as well, although he was prepared for the moment:

So how did Mark Hamill do on set for his Season 11 finale appearance? According to Bialik, he was a natural the whole way through. The actress complimented Hamill's comedic timing and said The Big Bang Theory fans who tune into the episode should expect to see him in a new light. Let's hope some executives tune in then because there must be a lot of Star Wars fans out there that would kill to see Mark Hamill on television with his own show. Heck, after this encounter, they'll probably even be able to sign Mayim Bialik as an executive producer!

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