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Watch Mark Hamill Surprise Star Wars Superfan Adam Scott

For an entire generation, the original Star Wars trilogy had a profound impact on people's lives. Now, nearly 40 years later, some of those people are famous celebrities, but that doesn't mean they don't love Star Wars just as much. Recently actor Adam Scott was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live when guest host Kristen Bell brought up a previous story he had told on the show about inviting Mark Hamill to his birthday party when he was a kid. While Luke Skywalker didn't show up back then, it turns out he was just late, as Hamill then arrived on the show to say hi to Adam Scott. Check out the awesome clip.

It's hard to decide what the best moment from Jimmy Kimmel Live actually is. As soon as the camera cuts away from the stage and we see the back of Mark Hamill's head, you can hear Adam Scott just saying "no" over and over again. He knows what's about to happen and he literally can't believe it. From there we get to see Scott's face when Hamill comes out onto the stage and the man is literally shaking. He's hiding behind his hands because he's having trouble believing what he's actually seeing. Basically, he's reacting the way any of us would if we met Mark Hamill in person.

Adam Scott on Jimmy Kimmel Live

I have to admit, I thought I was a pretty big Star Wars fan when I was a kid but I never considered inviting Mark Hamill to my birthday party. I think I even had one or two of them that used Star Wars as a theme. That's some next level fandom. You have to assume that in his career Adam Scott has met several other great actors, including others that he was personally a fan of. Somehow we're guessing that his reaction to them wasn't quite this powerful. Scott says flat out that this is one of the best moments of his life. You can tell it's true from the look on his face.

It also needs to be said that Mark Hamill's level of awesome never ceases to amaze. It doesn't seem to matter if Hamill is meeting sick kids in hospitals, random fans on the street, or other actors, he's always more than happy to just show up and be Mark Hamill when that's all that's required. He has a unique understanding of his power in pop culture and he wants to use it to make people happy. You can't beat that.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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