Cary Elwes Kicked Off Stranger Things Season 3 Hype With A Throwback Pic

Filming for Stranger Things Season 3 has officially begun, and actor Cary Elwes was on Twitter to kick off coverage of his experience working on the show. Elwes is set to star in the third season of the mega-popular Netflix series. In a tweet commemorating his Stranger Things experience, Elwes showed off an old-school Polaroid picture of him posing with one of his new co-stars, Joe Keery. You can see the awesome picture below:

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The news that Cary Elwes had joined the cast as one of the three new characters announced for the third season was confirmed by Deadline, less than a week ago. Elwes will play Mayor Larry Kline. He not described in favorable terms, so you can probably cross him off the list of potential good guys. As mayor, Kline is "slick" and "sleazy," putting a higher priority on what makes him look good than what's good for the people of Hawkins. In the picture Elwes posted, he is posing with Joe Keery, who plays Steve.

Steve was the breakout fan-favorite of Season 2. Is the fact that Elwes is posing with Keery a hint that Steve could be involved in scenes with the Mayor? Stay tuned. Given that Steve has turned things around in Season 2, any interaction he has with the Mayor will probably be in the hope of doing good.

Remember, Mayor Kline is not a great guy. Of course, his Season 3 storyline could change that. As Cary Elwes said in the caption of his tweet, "stranger things have happened," right? While fans will undoubtedly speculate as to what this picture could mean for Steve in Season 3, there is something else worth wondering about as well.

With Cary Elwes' casting comes the chance for the Duffer Brothers to have some fun with one of the late 80's biggest stars. The second season of Stranger Things was set in the autumn of 1984. Elwes' career was a few years shy of kicking into high gear at the time. Three years later in 1987, Elwis would have his breakthrough role in the beloved fantasy film, The Princess Bride. The movie is one of the most iconic of the 1980s.

The show would have to jump forward three years to have some fun with The Princess Bride's release and the fact the lead actor bears a striking resemblance to the Mayor. That makes the possibility of such a scenario playing out less likely, despite the awesomeness of its potential. The third season of Stranger Things will only have eight episodes.

A release date for Stranger Things Season 3 has not been announced yet. To find out what other series are set to arrive on Netflix and when, check out our guide to all of the new and returning shows set to debut on the streaming service via our 2018 Netflix premiere rundown. As for what else is coming up on TV in general, check out our guides to TV's midseason and summer premieres.

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