John Cena And Nikki Bella's Break-Up Will Be Covered On Total Bellas Season 3

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Nikki Bella and John Cena shocked the wrestling world a year ago when the two superstars got engaged during WrestleMania 33, so it's only fitting the two recently shocked the world again with their sudden breakup. In news that's arguably even more shocking than that, Nikki's twin sister Brie Bella revealed the couple agreed to let the _Total Bellas _cameras roll throughout the entire collapse of their engagement. Season 3 will apparently give fans a ringside seat to see what went down between the two. According to Brie:

I have to give a lot of credit to John and Nicole. They really opened up their lives and they really wanted to close the curtain and be like this is it, we're done. My sister is really great with her fans in a way where she lets them connect with her. She lets them like go, 'My life isn't perfect and isn't easy' and lets them see the playbook of her life. John and Nicole allow the fans to see some very personal conversations, that to be honest, I was mind blown about. [Husband] Brian and I both said, 'I don't think we'd allow them to see those conversations' but they do. I give them a lot of credit. You get to see where they're at today and see that unravel.

Brie Bella definitely isn't the only person whose mind was blown by that revelation, since very few people in the world would let such an emotionally fraught period be filmed for the world to later see after awkward edits. The Bella sister told Yahoo that watching Nikki go through her breakup with John was a very heartbreaking thing to do, and that as her sister, the first thing she wanted to do was keep others out of the situation altogether. Of course, that's not something necessarily possible in the middle of filming a reality series like Total Bellas, and Brie said that while it was the hardest season for her to film so far, it's all part of what they signed up for.

Brie Bella teased the upcoming season of Total Bellas will reveal exactly what went down between her sister and Cena, something that isn't completely public at the moment. The couple's past arguments have revolved around children, with Nikki Bella wanting children and John Cena adamant about not having any, so could that have been been the breaking point in the two's long-term relationship? Cena didn't indicate that or anything else was the issue in his series of vague Twitter quotes posted in an effort to address the situation. Nor did Nikki Bella, who only just recently broke her long silence on social media with a quote of her own:

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John Cena and Nikki Bella's mutual decision to broadcast their relationship's collapse on Total Bellas could be seen by some skeptics as a ruse to pull ratings for the series, although there are other forms of logic in the move. After all, both celebrities have a hard time keeping the public out of their personal lives, what with the millions of followers each has on social media. Broadcasting the drama down the road might keep more curious fans' awkward questions at bay for now, only to have them glued to the series' new episodes when it returns.

Total Bellas will premiere Season 3 on E! Sunday, May 20 at 9 p.m. ET. For more information on upcoming programming, head on over to our midseason and summer premiere guide.

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