The Big Bang Theory Finale Deleted Scene Reveals Stephen Hawking's Wedding Present

The Big Bang Theory closed out Season 11 with a big bang of its own, thanks to Amy and Sheldon. The season finale found the lovebirds finally tying the knot. One wedding-related scene fans did not get to see was the wedding gift that was bestowed upon the happy couple by Stephen Hawking. Fortunately, The Big Bang Theory's Twitter account posted the scene for fans, which also included a tribute to one of their most revered guest stars. Watch it for yourself below:

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The moving scene paid tribute to Stephen Hawking's relationship with Sheldon and the cast. Hawking had a significant profile on The Big Bang Theory, having guest-starred on the show multiple times. He first guest-starred on the series back in 2012. His last guest appearance came in the premiere of Season 11, the episode in which Amy and Sheldon got engaged.That episode aired not too long ago, in September 2017.

Given that Stephen Hawking was a part of so many Big Bang Theory moments (including the pivotal proposal episode), it makes sense that if he were alive, Hawking probably would have taken part in Amy and Sheldon's wedding in the Season 11 finale. Sadly that wasn't to be, as Hawking passed away in March 2018.

The deleted wedding present scene pays respect to Stephen Hawking's towering legacy on the show, which will hopefully continue to be felt as The Big Bang Theory continues. A gesture as sweet and thoughtful as the pocket watch deserves to be seen and mentioned again, and in a scene that makes it to air. The scene and the gift both capture the essence of Hawking's time on the show in such a terrific way; you are probably wondering why it was cut.

The answer involves the very thing the pocket watch chronicles: time. Executive producer Steve Holland revealed this to TV Line:

Usually our scripts come in at about 40, 45 pages. This one was about 65 pages. We spent the week [of production] paring it back.... Some of those cuts were painful, but anything that wasn't servicing [the central story] fell by the wayside.

The Stephen Hawking gift scene wasn't the only one that didn't make the final cut; another one involved Sheldon and Meemaw. It kind of makes you wonder why series shouldn't be allowed to go over their time a bit for special episodes like this. While The Big Bang Theory was able to show the scene to fans on social media, they did not get to see it play out in congruity with the episode, which is bittersweet.

The Big Bang Theory will return for Season 12 this fall on CBS. For the rundown on television's other big season enders, check out our guide to all the season finales hitting the airwaves. While you await the return of Big Bang Theory, you can check out which new and returning shows will be arriving as part of TV's summer premieres.

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