How Amy And Sheldon's Big Bang Theory Wedding Went Down, Complete With Mark Hamill

big bang theory wedding day

Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't yet watched The Big Bang Theory's season finale.

The big day finally arrived on The Big Bang Theory! And I'm obviously talking about Mark Hamill being the latest Star Wars vet to make a fun cameo. Wait, no, I'm talking about Howard getting to meet Mark Hamill. No, dang it, I'm talking about Amy and Sheldon's long-awaited wedding day! That's right, the CBS sitcom's last single couple -- sorry, Raj -- tied the knot in a silly and heartwarming celebration worthy of millions and millions of viewers' peepers.

Sitcom weddings have long been an enjoyable trope for the genre, with some shows taking characters' nuptials to the extremes. Thankfully, The Big Bang Theory kept things grounded, or at least as grounded as Sheldon gets. Let's take a look at how everything went down, shall we?

Amy's Parents

The episode was filled to the brim with cameos, from both familiar Big Bang Theory family members and a few new faces. Two of those faces belonged to Kathy Bates and Teller (of Penn & Teller fame), who joined the show as Mrs. Fowler and Mr. Fowler, respectively. Amy's mom was, to put it lightly, an extremely judgmental prude, which was incredibly fitting, and Penny couldn't stand her. (She revealed Amy used to perform as Amelia Earhart as a child, though at home and not in school plays, where drugs and sex ran rampant.) As Mr. Fowler, Teller got to be shushed by his wife at all the appropriate times, though he actually did get a spoken line during the ceremony, saying, "Thank you." It was pretty awesome. And guess what? We're getting more next season!

mark hamill big bang theory

Mark Hamill! Mark Hamill!

Once Luke Skywalker portrayer Mark Hamill was announced to play himself as part of the Big Bang Theory guest list, fans wondered how it would happen. Would you have guessed "Howard found Hamill's missing dog and then somehow convinced him to officiate Amy and Sheldon's wedding as a replacement for Wil Wheaton?" Because that's what happened. And power to the actor for being game to take part, because it would have been a real-life nightmare scenario. Because t ceremony was delayed a bit, Howard got the attendees to ask Star Wars questions, such as George's ponderment of why the franchise's vehicles don't have tires. All in all, though, the main characters' reactions to Mark Hamill were some of the best parts. Especially Wheaton's.

Mary Steals The Episode

Perhaps it's no surprise that the most emotionally poignant moments in "The Bow Tie Asymmetry" came during the scene between Sheldon and his mother, with Laurie Metcalf bringing instant gravitas to an episode Sheldon and Amy (and eventually Leonard) delayed the ceremony by "inventing" super asymmetry. The pride on Mary Cooper's face was plentiful enough to fill every pew in that church. But when she mentioned how his father would be proud of him...(sniff)...and then he thanked her for everything in his whole life...(sob)...and then the line, "Sometimes it's the imperfect stuff that makes things perfect." I mean, give this woman another Emmy!

The Vows

While the couple may have had issues in the past, Sheldon and Amy complemented each other perfectly during the entirety of the episode. From their lipstick-on-the-mirror equations to Sheldon's gobsmacked appreciation for how gorgeous Amy looked in her dress, it was clear why these two were made for each other. When Sheldon and Amy finally made it down the aisle, they jumped straight into the vows. Amy's was extremely heartfelt and beautiful, even though she brought up the study about how love at first sight doesn't exist, which Sheldon enjoyed reading. Her love for Sheldon is on an accelerating growth trajectory, and she'd never been happier. (Even Mark Hamill teared up!) Sheldon, meanwhile, was driven speechless for one of the first times in his life, though he soon found some equally perfect words. And one big smooch later, and they were finally married! (Side note: Barry's "At Wast" cover left something to be desired.)

George And Missy

It's a good thing that Jerry O'Connell was first introduced in last week's episode, where he and Sheldon put aside their issues for the greater good. Because other than his Star Wars question, he really didn't do all that much here after showing up, minus a couple of reaction shots. The same mostly goes for Courtney Henggeler's Missy, who made her first return to the show in a decade. She was pregnant, which will hopefully mean she's returning next year to give audiences some Uncle Sheldon moments. Although we would obviously feel some sympathy for the kid.

The Big Bang Theory may not be around anymore for the summer hiatus, but everyone can look forward to the already ordered Season 12 debuting on CBS this fall. To see when all the other big shows are ending, head to our season finale rundown. In the meantime, anyone who needs new shows to watch can check out our summer premiere schedule.

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