The Russo Brothers' New Comic Show Deadly Class Releases Brutal First Promo

Joe and Anthony Russo are currently the talk of the town in Hollywood, with Avengers: Infinity War continuing to break records and dominate the box office. Fans of the duo will soon have something else to talk about regarding their comic book projects, as Syfy just dropped a first look promo for the live-action adaptation of Deadly Class, which they're executive producing. Brutal is the best word to describe this romp, although those who watch will find many more descriptors after peeping out what may be one of TV's more unique offerings in 2019.

When they weren't busy adapting superhero adventures ripped from Marvel's comics, the Russo brothers took some time to help prep Rick Remender and Wesley Craig's teen thriller Deadly Class for an explosive debut on Syfy. The first look at the series brings to life the pages of the Image Comics series and drenches it in color; the vibrancy this series has going for it certainly sticks out in this new footage. And another thing that will definitely grab audiences' eyes is Dr. Strange's Benedict Wong, who must've jumped right off the set of Avengers: Infinity War right into the set of Deadly Class to appear as series regular Master Lin.

With co-creator Rick Remender adapting the comic with Miles Orion Feldsott, Deadly Class oozes an action-heavy vibe in this first promo. That would make sense, considering the comic book is about an educational academy that takes in the children of mob bosses and mass murderers and instructs them in those villainous tricks of the trade, making the school's social ladder one more intimidating than grades. The Russos assured fans that the series will have a fair amount of action, and even likened that action to one of their most notable Marvel films to date:

There's a mix of sensibilities spanning from our more intense action work like in Captain America: Winter Soldier to like more of our like absurdist sensibilities.

The Russo's certainly set a high bar for Deadly Class with that statement, as Captain America: Winter Soldier remains one of the most universally acclaimed Marvel films to date. That film's close-quarter combat, combined with more grand set pieces, really propelled it to another level, so if the action in Deadly Class is half as good as Captain America: Winter Soldier, audiences are in for a treat. The brothers also teased the series will tap into their more absurdist sensibilities, which should be a good sign for fans of their work on shows like Arrested Development and Community. Could Deadly Class be a comic book series whose bizarre antics give Legion a run for its mental money?

The world will just have to wait and see, with Deadly Class due to premiere on Syfy in 2019. For a list of some other comic book adaptations that focus more on shows of the superhero variety, visit our superhero premiere guide. Those looking for a more general listing of shows coming to television in 2018 can head on over to our summer premiere guide.

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