Netflix's 13 Reasons Why Cancels Premiere Event In The Wake Of Santa Fe Shooting

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Clay
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Netflix cancelled an event meant to celebrate the second season release of 13 Reasons Why. The streaming network made the decision in light of the deadly Sante Fe High School shooting in Sante Fe, Texas. The massacre claimed ten lives. In a statement announcing their decision, Netflix said:

Our hearts are with the victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting, and with all victims of gun violence. In light of today's tragedy, we are cancelling the 13 Reasons Why S2 premiere event tonight.

Last year, Netflix pulled a planned screening of The Punisher from New York Comic Con, in light of the shooting massacre in Las Vegas. Deadline reported on Netflix's decision to cancel the premiere event. Despite the content of 13 Reasons Why's second season, Netflix did not postpone the release of Season 2. In fact, one of its plot lines involves a foiled school shooting.

It is a dark premise that may elicit controversy for a series that is already no stranger to the concept. Season 1's plot revolved around the suicide of high school student Hannah Baker, a teen who leaves 13 audio tapes that shed light on her secrets and why she chose to end her life. Regardless of its subject matter, the series became a huge hit for Netflix. Season 1's success was simultaneously met with a firestorm of controversy over its content and whether teens should watch the series.

Time will tell if the reception to Season 2 follows in the footsteps of Season 1's. Season 2 continues the story with Liberty High School going to trial, as a series of Polaroid pictures arrive, setting off another mystery for Clay and his classmates to uncover.

Warning: Spoilers for the ending of 13 Reasons Why Season 2 lie beyond this point.

As it turns out, the school shooting plot plays a pivotal role in the Season 2 finale. Season 2 ends with Tyler arriving at the high school with an assault rifle. Clay meets him outside, refusing to go home when Tyler tells him to leave. With the police on their way, Clay is able to talk Tyler out of going through with his plans through a heartfelt plea.

Tony pulls up in his Mustang and Clay takes the assault rifle off of Tyler, pushing him into the car so he can make his escape. Tony then speeds away with Tyler, leaving Clay holding the assault rifle as cops close in. Season 2 then fades to black. The repercussions of that decision left for a potential Season 3 to sort out.

The second season of 13 Reasons Why is now available to stream on Netflix. For insight into other TV content set to arrive on the streaming channel, peruse our guide to all of the new and returning TV shows via our 2018 premiere rundown. Curious about what's coming up on Amazon Prime? CinemaBlend has you covered there too! Check out our guide to the streaming platform's schedule to learn what new and returning TV content is set to premiere on Netflix's rival and when.

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