13 Reasons Why Season 2 Trailer Teases What Comes After The Tapes

Netflix has been producing a ton of original content as of late, to varying levels of success. One of the streaming service's most controversial new shows is 13 Reasons Why, based off the young adult novel of the same name. 13 Reasons follows a group of high school students in the weeks after classmate Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) commits suicide. The series has been criticized for glamorizing teen suicide and other serious issues, although the streaming service quickly renewed it for Season 2. A new video has just been released revealing Season 2's premiere date, teasing what we should expect now that all of Hannah's tapes are out in the open.

As that first trailer teases, the tapes were just the beginning of the story. It looks like the journey revolving around Hannah and the students at her high school will continue to expand, and the first clips certainly teases that photos may be the show's new macguffin.

This video clip focuses on a variety of 13 Reasons Why's ensemble cast, and seems to indicate where they'll likely end up when the show returns for its sophomore run. Tony is the first up, and is shown leaving his iconic red car. It looks like he's going to get a shiner sometime during Season 2, likely due to his involvement and assistance in Hannah's tapes during the show's first season. He was the grim reaper bringing bad news to those who got a tape, and it looks like someone may be out for revenge.

From there, things pivot to Jessica, who is no doubt still recovering from the realization of her sexual assault. It seems someone may be trying to silence her as well, most likely Bryce. He's been accused of two separate rapes in the tapes, and he's definitely going to try and save his own ass.

Hannah's mother is also featured in the trailer, and she's rocking a new short haircut. Following Mrs. Baker's journey was one of the most heartbreaking aspects of Season 1, and it looks like she hasn't stopped fighting for her late daughter. Kate Walsh's character finally has the tapes thanks to Tony, and she's likely continuing her fight against the school.

The use of polaroid photos certainly teases that images may be the new medium for the plot in Season 2. This makes particular sense considering the cliffhanger around Tyler. Photographer Tyler was shown stockpiling ammunition and weapons in the finale, strongly hinting at some violent confrontation. Tyler is the only character who seems completely isolated, so who knows what he'll do if something doesn't change.

13 Reasons Why will debut its second season May 18th. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch. Plus our superhero premiere list and Amazon premiere list to ensure you don't miss a single episode.

Corey Chichizola
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