Scorpion Cast Members Reacted To CBS' Cancellation After Four Seasons

CBS' cancellation of Scorpion is a sting fans won't be able to shake off for a while, although its cast seemed to handle the news rather well. Various members of the cast reacted on Twitter fresh off the news, and while many were undoubtedly disappointed, Katharine McPhee was the epitome of cast responses for thanking everyone for letting the ride last for as long as it did:

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Katharine McPhee's response was similar to that of Robert Patrick and a bulk of the Twitter-savvy cast, as the cancellation of Scorpion probably didn't come as a huge surprise to them. It shouldn't have, as the show was on the bubble prior to its Season 4 run and ratings and viewership only fell lower as the season continued. The Season 4 finale of Scorpion pulled in over 2 million fewer viewers than the end of Season 3, so most of the cast had to see it coming regardless of whether or not they were okay with it.

Twitter is a great place to reach fans, and while Katharine McPhee and Robert Patrick had solid responses to fans about Scorpion's cancellation, 280 characters can be a bit limiting. Perhaps that's why other stars of the series like Jadyn Wong and Elyes Gabel both took to Instagram to share their thoughts. Wong shared her thank you much like other members of the cast, but her part about what it meant to play a 3-dimensional Asian character on television drove home the point that she was really sad to see Scorpion go away:

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Even Scorpion's young actor took the cancellation in stride, as Riley B. Smith's Instagram note read like that of a person twice his own age. Unfortunately for any fans pushing for a renewal, it doesn't look like any of the show's cast are joining the fight. That may be somewhat disappointing as it doesn't appear as though there will ever be a conclusive ending to the series, which ended on the cliffhanger of Team Scorpion splitting into two rival teams.

Scorpion has been cancelled, but episodes of the series can still be watched via CBS' streaming service CBS All Access. For a look at other shows that will soon be available to stream, check out our Netflix and Amazon premiere guides. Those looking for a list that has every major television show coming out this summer regardless of network or service should visit our summer premiere guide.

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