Arrested Development Season 5 Is On Netflix, Here's What People Think

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After years of waiting, a couple controversies, and a remixed Season 4, the first half of Arrested Development Season 5 is finally here. The question everyone asks now is if it's a return to form for the series, or another polarizing season like Season 4. So far reviews are mixed, with critics reactions ranging from proclaiming the series is back on track to others flat out announcing its derailment. The ones who love it seem convinced the show is back, and are only expecting more from the show's next batch of episodes:

Luckily, by the third episode of the new season, the cylinders are firing a lot more effortlessly, and the series benefits from having the cast pretty much all back together for shared scenes. Episodes five, six and seven show Arrested Development at its best, taking a full sprint at ridiculously elaborate scenarios.

Critics like THR's Tim Goodman appear maintain finding a way to bring the all-star cast together for more episodes again has helped Season 5 greatly. He's not alone, as fans seem to believe Arrested Development's effort to get its cast together for large scenes puts this season over Netflix's previous attempt. Others, like Slashfilm's Chris Evangelista, think combining the cast does little to improve the quality of the series, as he remarked it only becomes apparent the actors might be bored returning to these roles once again:

What once seemed hysterical and innovative now seems stale. There's a malaise that's settled into the show, and the (very talented) cast all seem genuinely bored with their parts. Only Ron Howard, as the dependably funny narrator, sounds like he's having a good time.

Arrested Development Season 5 definitely has its haters, but there are also plenty of excited fans. Unfortunately, the show's current score of 71% on Rotten Tomatoes is the lowest rated season by critics to date. Some Netflix subscribers have already begun to throw shade about Season 5 on social media, starting with some issues with the show's continuity and timeline.

Of course, not all negative reactions are that petty. But there does seem to be a dark cloud surrounding Arrested Development due to the controversial accusations involving actor Jeffrey Tambor. In fact, the new season actually makes a joke about Tambor's presence on Transparent, which has definitely raised some eyebrows. While the scene was shot long before the allegations against Tambor surfaced, there are those on Twitter who think it was a bad look for the show to leave the reference in:

Potentially sketchy jokes aside, there are Arrested Development fans who still love Season 5. While you can find plenty of naysayers on Twitter who seem to take issue with the new season, there are fans who are just glad to see the Bluths back in action yet again.

Arrested Development Season 5 is currently streaming on Netflix. For a look at other things coming to the platform in the near future, visit our Netflix premiere guide. Those just wishing to see what all is coming up on television in the coming months can find out via our summer premiere guide.

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