The Sinner Season 2 Trailer Is Creepy And Intense With Bill Pullman And Carrie Coon

USA had one of the hottest series in primetime last summer with The Sinner, starring Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman. The Sinner was based on a book of the same name and originally produced as a limited series, so there was no guarantee that it would be back. Fans of the show got some good news in March with the announcement that The Sinner would indeed return for a second chapter that takes Pullman's Detective Harry Ambrose in some brand new and very creepy directions. The first trailer has hit the web, and it showcases Pullman along with new costar Carrie Coon. Take a look!

Well, if you were worried that The Sinner wouldn't be able to recreate the creepiness and aura of unsettling mystery that so defined the first season, this trailer should lay those worries to rest! While the 30 seconds of footage aren't enough fill viewers in on what exactly is going to happen, it's already clear that Harry Ambrose is in for a case that's at least as unnerving as Cora's case in Season 1. Carrie Coon's character doesn't have much to do in the trailer other than look super creepy, but she does a killer job of it.

Fortunately, USA has already revealed some tantalizing details about Season 2 that fill in some blanks left by the trailer. In the second season of The Sinner, Harry Ambrose will be pulled back to his hometown in rural New York following a disturbing crime. At the heart of the case seems to be an 11-year-old boy who has murdered his parents with no discernible motive. The trailer does show a young boy, so we can count on the kid playing an active role in the series.

While investigating the case, Ambrose will end up in dangerous territory due to a previously undiscovered darkness in his hometown, and the child isn't quite as ordinary as he seemed at first glance. When facing people who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets -- including an enigmatic woman who could be the key to the mystery -- Ambrose will undoubtedly have some big decisions to make. The Sinner will once again be a limited season and run for eight episodes.

Carrie Coon (Fargo) is on board to play a woman by the name of Vera, who is as formidable as she is mysterious as she is forced to choose between sticking with her community's ideals and doing what she truly desires. Coon and Bill Pullman are joined as regulars by Natalie Paul of The Deuce, who plays a woman training to become a detective in the New York town, and she's responsible for bringing Ambrose in for the case. Hannah Gross of Mindhunters will play Heather's high school best friend named Marin, who mysteriously disappeared from the town many years ago.

The Sinner will return for Season 2 on Wednesday, August 1 on USA. There are still a couple of months to kill before Bill Pullman is back in primetime as Detective Harry Ambrose, so be sure to check out our summer TV premiere guide. If you'd rather stream TV than watch live, we have a handy Netflix premiere schedule and Amazon Prime rundown as well. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV and Movies news.

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