Gabrielle Union's Bad Boys Spinoff Is Happening After All

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A number TV reboots, remakes, and sequels to feature films have hit the airwaves in recent years, and some have been more successful than others. NBC had a sequel to Bad Boys in the works that had the potential to win a big audience, as it was slated to star Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. Sadly for TV fans already looking forward to seeing what the Bad Boys spinoff had in store for the small screen, NBC ultimately decided to pass on the pilot, and that could have been the end of the project altogether. Now, the spinoff has been picked up by another outlet, and not just for a pilot. The Bad Boys spinoff is officially happening.

The spinoff will be called L.A.'s Finest and star Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, both of whom apparently decided to stick with the project despite losing the support of NBC. Canadian broadcaster Bell Media finalized a deal with production studio Sony Pictures Television that will bring L.A.'s Finest to one of its specialty entertainment channels. The series has received an order for 13 episodes at this point. Deadline reports that Sony is in talks with with Charter Communications to pick up the series as the U.S. home in the wake of NBC's passing on the project. Details as to why NBC ultimately decided to pass on a high-profile project with a potential built-in audience are scarce, but it's possible that the $12 million price tag for the pilot alone was a problem for the Peacock Network.

L.A.'s Finest is hardly the first show to be rescued after cancellation from its original outlet. In fact, it's not even the first show of the last few weeks. Fox sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up by NBC, of all places. The pickup of the Bad Boys spinoff is good news, although American audiences still have to wait and discover if and when the show will make it to U.S. markets. Still, progress is progress!

The Bad Boys sequel spinoff will see Gabrielle Union reprising her role as Syd Burnett, which she originated back in 2003's Bad Boys II. By the time L.A.'s Finest picks up, Syd has left her life in Miami in favor of becoming an LAPD detective. Her more fun-filled life in Los Angeles conceals a personal secret that she definitely does not want getting out, which is complicated when her new LAPD partner Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba) gets an idea that Syd isn't all that she sees. A single mom with a complicated past of her own, Nancy is about as different from Syd as can be, but they're united in their drive to take down the worst criminals that L.A. has to offer. The show will combine character development with action.

No timeline has yet been released about when the first season will get into gear, so there's no saying at this point when L.A.'s Finest will hit the airwaves. In the meantime, check out our summer TV premiere guide and 2018 Netflix schedule for your upcoming viewing options.

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