The Bad Boys TV Show Finally Has A Title

Gabrielle Union and the boys in Bad Boys 2
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It has been months since NBC announced it would produce a TV series spin-off to the popular Bad Boys movie franchise. Since the announcement, the series has not been given an official title. After months of trying out quite a few, NBC has finally unveiled its name. The drama starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba will be called LA's Finest.

Deadline shared the news of the Bad Boys' spin-off's official title. LA's Finest is still in the pilot stages, but early buzz indicates it is a confident bet for NBC's fall schedule. The official pick-up announcement may not be made until the network's upfront presentation in May. It's around this time when most of the networks officially announce their schedule for the upcoming broadcast season. LA's Finest receiving an early green light is not entirely out of the question; may is just a month away.

LA's Finest will focus on Gabrielle Union's character from Bad Boys II, Special Agent Sydney "Syd" Burnett. The NBC show will pick up with Syd (Gabrielle Union) as she is making the move from DEA agent to LAPD detective. Before long, she is partnered with Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba), whose life is a lot different than Syd's. Nancy is a working mom. While they do not share their lifestyles in common, both women share that they are the best at what they do.

Bringing Gabrielle Union's character Syd in offers a crucial touchstone to the Bad Boys franchise. Union is not the only Bad Boys cast member returning for the TV show. Instagram posts by the cast indicate John Salley will star in the series. IMDB has not added a credit for him though. If Salley stars, he would presumably reprise his role as Fletcher, an expert computer hacker from both movies. New to Bad Boys cannon is Jessica Alba's character.

There is no word if Will Smith or Martin Lawrence will do a cameo as their Bad Boys characters in LA's Finest. It would be an incredibly cool treat for fans, who have been waiting for 15 years and counting, for a sequel to Bad Boys II. Fans had to wait eight years after the original film's release in 1995 for Bad Boys II to arrive in 2013.

LA's Finest marks Gabrielle Union's first live-action TV series, since Being Mary Jane. In the fall of 2017, BET announced that the popular drama would end with Season 5. A two-hour movie is set to conclude the story. No exact air date has been announced for the TV movie. All that's known is that it is set to premiere sometime this year.

LA's Finest also marks a return to television for Gabrielle Union's co-star Jessica Alba. Alba has not starred on a TV show since she guest starred on Barely Famous in 2015. The same year she starred in the miniseries spoof The Spoils of Babylon. Alba rose to fame playing Maya Graham in the great 90's TV series Flipper, before her role in the FOX drama Dark Angel took her to the next level.

If it is picked up, and it is highly likely it will be; LA's Finest could premiere on NBC as early as the fall of 2018. For more info on other TV shows that are coming up on NBC, check out our guides to TV's midseason and summer premieres.

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