Star Trek: Discovery Showrunners Explain Season 2 Themes And Conflicts

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(Image credit: CBS All Access)
(Image credit: CBS All Access)

Emmy season is in full swing, which means the creative powers behind many series are stepping out to talk about the season their show is being considered for and also teasing the one that lies ahead. While speaking at the CBS For Your Consideration Emmy Event Panel, Star Trek: Discovery showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg delivered on the latter. Teasing Season 2 with some scintillating hints of what's to come, without giving too much away. When it came to the themes of Season 2, Harberts said:

The show this season, the themes we are tackling, it's a lot about family, the family you choose, and the family that you don't. And as Gretchen said, we ended our finale with the USS Enterprise and the Discovery in sort of this tableau. So, when we talk about family, you can draw your own conclusions.

Talk about a thought-provoking tease! There is quite a bit there for fans to theorize and speculate about while awaiting Season 2. For instance, does choosing a family have any implications for crew members of the USS Enterprise and the Discovery in Season 2? Thanks to the video posted by medlab1701 on YouTube, Star Trek: Discovery fans can add another puzzle piece to what they know about Season 2. And, it is a pretty good hint of what is to come. Is there anything more thematically dramatic than family?

You can add this latest hint to the long line of clues for Season 2. Last month, the show teased a look at the costumes for the USS Enterprise. While in the character/casting realm, we know that Anson Mount will star as Christopher Pike in Season 2 and that a new character is also set to arrive on the scene. As if Season 2 were not exciting enough, fans will also catch a glimpse of a young Spock.

Family dynamics were not the only element teased by Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Aaron Harberts. According to Harberts, a certain symbiotic conflict will come to the fore in Season 2 with one character, in particular, facing it head-on. The co-showrunner teased that Michael will encounter this eternal struggle in Season 2, saying:

We are also tackling this season as well, where spirituality and science might interact. For Michael Burnham, the struggle between facts and feelings and faith.

Fans excited over the teases may have a while to wait to see them come to fruition on-screen, as the second season premiere is still a ways off. CBS All Access has not released a premiere date for Season 2 yet, so stay tuned. Production on the season is still in the relatively early stages.

According to Trek Movie, production began on April 16 and is expected to run until November 8. While Season 1 premiered in late September 2017, it seems a bit hopeful to expect Season 2 to arrive before the end of 2018, but stranger things have happened. These Season 2 tidbits from showrunner Aaron Harberts should give fans a telling sense of the adventures Star Trek: Discovery will take its characters on when it does return.

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