Jersey Shore Family Vacation Video Asks Age-Old Question: Did Angelina Poop In The Cab?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation hasn't disappointed in its inaugural season and has delivered some of the best drama the series has seen to date. We've seen Ronnie cry in bathrooms, The Situation become an upstanding individual, and former cast member Angelina Pivarnick putting to bed past feuds she's had with the cast. Unfortunately, Pivarnick's redemption run may come to an end on an upcoming episode of the show, as a new clip asks the age-old question of whether or not she pooped in the cab on the way home from the bar:

Jersey Shore Family Vacation just opened the door on a topic few people want to hear about, much less have an in-depth discussion on! Angelina Pivarnick, hoping to lay to rest any talk that she pooped inside of the cab, tells the rest of the house, and America, that wasn't a poop, but merely "period shits." Pivarnick seriously upped the ante on the poop talk by throwing in that the only reason it smelled so bad was due to her being on her menstrual cycle. The cast's jaws practically dropped to the floor as Pivarnick laughs and really rolls with the reality tv vibe of pretending the cameras are not actually there.

To the credit of the cast, most of them tried to stop Angelina Pivarnick from the "shit storm" she's about to endure now that Jersey Shore Family Vacation is airing this footage. Snooki begged Pivarnick to say "anything" else, perhaps in an attempt to get the crew to scrub the footage in favor of something more revealing, but Pivarnick stuck to her guns. Even JWoww looked like she felt bad for Angelina, which is really surprising considering the feud those two have had going on throughout the years.

Angelina Pivarnick has already spilled the beans on the fact that she doesn't go out on a high note on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, although fans should hope this isn't her final scene. Pivarnick talking about poop and periods on primetime is one thing, but then America witnessing that being why she gets kicked out of the house? That would certainly be a time for Pivarnick to step away from the internet, and maybe even consider taking a vacation in another country until the show is in the offseason. As long as she doesn't go to Italy or Las Vegas (where Season 2 just began filming), she should be fine.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays on MTV at 8:00 p.m. ET. The reality series is in the back half of its season, so be sure to check out our summer premiere guide to find another show to watch after it ends. For more on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, check out what Vinnie thought of his mom's dating advice when he got in trouble with his girlfriend.

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