Jersey Shore's Angelina Explains Why She Wanted To Appear On Family Vacation

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Jersey Shore Family Vacation episodes "Umm, Hello". Read at your own risk!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation went off the rails in a recent episode when Pauly D decided to throw the house into chaos by inviting former castmember Angelina Pivarnick to the house. It was a hilarious idea, although one many who watched Jersey Shore would be surprised Pivarnick was down for considering she made an enemy out of practically the entire cast in her two short seasons on the original show. Pivarnick explained why she was down to willingly enter the lion's den in a recent interview, and apparently, The Situation isn't the only one who has changed:

I wanted to go and make amends because I really thought that there was a lot of unfinished business with me and the cast and the roommates. I just felt like there was a lot on my chest that I needed to get off, and it was eating up and away at me for all those years.

Angelina Pivarnick said she wanted to make amends, and noted there was a lot of unfinished business between her and the cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. That's a bit of an understatement considering Pivarnick was a pain on the show has made a name for herself in the years following Jersey Shore by telling whatever tabloid would listen the secrets of the cast. This included allegations that JWoww and The Situation hooked up and MTV trashed the footage to save a relationship she was in, Pauly D is a deadbeat father, and that The Situation had a "pencil dick".

True to her word and to what she told Us Weekly, Angelina Pivarnick began her apology tour on the second half of the episode by apologizing to Mike Sorrentino for all the bad blood between them. The Situation, staying true to his transformed self, accepted the apology although admitted he blocked her on Twitter after reading her remarks about his penis. Unfortunately, MTV cut the episode short just before the real throwdowns could start as the girls of the cast all returned from their quick trip home to Jersey drunk and shocked to see Pivarnick in the kitchen. Next week's episode teased a pretty big verbal throwdown between JWoww and Angelina, which doesn't seem to be over just yet judging from Pivarnick's recent Instagram post:

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Angelina's alleged Instagram shade might just be a bit of promotion, however, as Pivarnick told OK! she's in a good place with everyone on the show. Of course, friendships tend to change in an instant between various members of the Jersey Shore cast, so no one should be surprised if a couple months from now (or even shortly after that interview) Pivarnick is back to feuding with someone on the cast. Pivarnick also publicly spoke out about Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's cheating in that same interview, so we have to speculate it won't be long until someone in the cast is speaking ill of her once again.

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