Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Feud With Angelina May Not Be As Finished As We Thought

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode "Meatball Training Day." Read at your own risk!

Angelina Pivarnick's stint on Jersey Shore Family Vacation got off to a rocky start when the girls got home from a short trip back home to Jersey, but by the episode's end, everyone seemed ready to give their most hated foe a third chance. That's what was said on camera anyway, as Pivarnick took to Twitter during the episode to announce the feud between her and certain cast members might not be over after all. Not long after Ronnie announced on the episode everyone was going to unblock her on social media, Pivarnick revealed he has not done that:

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Yikes! That's not a good look for Ronnie, considering him taking lead in welcoming Angelina back into the house is about the best he's looked all season. Now, it would appear his kindness was just a show for the camera as Ortiz-Magro has yet to actually unblock Pivarnick from social media as he suggested everyone else do. Deena, Vinny, Pauly D, The Situation, and yes, even JWoww are currently following Angelina on Twitter, so what's the deal with Ronnie?

Ronnie's not in all this alone, however, as a quick browse through Angelina Pivarnick's Twitter also revealed that Snooki hasn't followed the Staten Island native either. That's somewhat surprising considering the two really seemed to hit it off in their reunion despite the literal fights they had on Season 2 of Jersey Shore. While Pivarnick had no problem outing Ronnie for his wrongdoing, she stayed suspiciously silent about Snooki's snub. Perhaps she's still feeling bad about criticizing Snooki's lip injections?

Apparently, social media only tells half the story. Angelina Pivarnick indicated that just because a Jersey Shore Family Vacation member unblocked her, that doesn't necessarily mean things are good between them. Pivarnick told TooFab that tensions have only worsened between her and JWoww since her time on the show ended, and hinted they may escalate further:

I don't know what the future holds, I don't know if me and her are ever going to make amends. But I saw her talking a lot of shit and I spoke my shit back, it's crazy because we're in our 30s, so it's like, we're still fighting right now? But hey, if she feels some type of way about me, I guess I feel some type of way about her. I'm not going to sit there and be a doormat, you know what I mean?

Pivarnick added her ongoing feud with JWoww will make more sense on the next episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, as Jenni was the one tasked with kicking Angelina out of the house. Apparently, Pivarnick thought she'd be invited to stay on for the rest of the season, but as fans saw the cast plotting in this episode, that was never going to be the case.

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