What Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Vinny Thinks Of His Mom's Relationship Advice

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode "Baby Mama Drama." Read at your own risk!

Ronnie owns a bulk of the bad decisions on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, so it was only fair someone else finally stepped up and made a mistake. Vinny Guadagnino got in hot water with his girlfriend after he confessed to picking up a stripper and carrying her all in an effort to "rescue" her. Vinny's girlfriend wasn't impressed, but his mom had a different opinion. In her opinion, Vinny was single and can do what he wants. Vinny stood behind his mom on the show, but indicated on Twitter he feels differently about his mom's relationship advice now:

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation's mama's boy came clean and admitted that in this case at least, mama Vinny didn't know best. Of course, many mothers will defend their sons to the death, so even if Vinny was in the wrong for carrying a stripper and flirting with her in the club, no one expected her to out him on it on television. Instead, Paula Guadagnino informed her son that he is single and free to do what he wants. Her response via the "duck phone" was met with jokes from Pauly D and The Situation, who told Vinny his mom needed to go out club hopping with Ronnie.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans wondering if the opinion of Vinny's mom is going to make waves at future family dinners needn't worry, as it turns out Vinny is no longer with Elicea. Guadagnino confessed the relationship fell apart prior to the show's airing, although he assured audiences beforehand their breakup had nothing to do with anything that happened on the show. That said, his mom's comments make it sound like any future would've been a struggle considering how close she was with her boy. Hell, the two even had a short-lived cooking show together called Vinny & Ma Eat America! Vinny may not have agreed with his mom's opinion on Twitter, but later showed there were no hard feelings over what she said and that he's still got love for her:

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Moms, amiright? At least it's good to see things are all good for everyone involved even if things with Vinny and Elicia ultimately didn't work out. At least fans can breathe easy knowing there's nothing Guadagnino can do to further jeopardize his relationship in the next episode, which seemed like something that could be happening. The promo for next week teased the cast member was collecting women's numbers, although Vinny stated on Twitter its not at all what people are thinking. If that's not the case and Vinny is lying to fans, his mom will probably understand all the same.

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