This Is Us Star Susan Kelechi Watson Reveals Beth's Fate In Season 3

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This Is Us Season 3 hasn't even started, but that doesn't mean fans aren't speculating around the clock trying to figure out the show's latest mysteries before their big reveals. Of course, we're referring to the mystery of "her," the woman that Randall and adult Tess reference in their finale flash-forward. Since that episode, Beth portrayer Susan Kelechi Watson has heard theories from fans (and her mom) that assume her character is doomed, and she finally felt compelled to make a public declaration on Beth's behalf:

My mom was like, 'I'm not going to watch this show next season.' I was like, 'Why?' She's like, 'Because they're going to kill you, and I don't like it.' And I was like, 'Mom, they're not going to kill me!' Dan [Fogelman, creator] and I spoke about it --- they're not going to kill Beth. She's going to survive. It feels good to know. I still think there's mystery there, and I understand why. Dan would like us to keep it there, so I'm going to stay away from it! That's as much as I can say.

A lot of This Is Us fan theories probably just fell apart with Susan Kelechi Watson revealing none of Season 3's big twist will concern Beth dying. That confirmation, even if it's technically an omission that has nothing to do with the plot, is still pretty shocking considering Dan Fogleman tends to have the cast members on verbal lockdown when it comes to the show's secrets. Of course, this may have been a case where fan theories were just so off-base regarding This Is Us Season 3 that Fogleman gave Watson the go-ahead to tell EW that fans are barking up the wrong tree if they think Beth is gonna kick the bucket.

Susan Kelechi Watson may have revealed she's not dying in Season 3, but it's what she didn't say that's almost as interesting. Watson didn't do anything to dissuade the theories that she's indeed the "her" that Randall and Tess refer to; she simply stated that Dan Fogleman told her she's going to survive. Of course, even if she is the mystery character, she wouldn't be the one to tell anyone, as Sterling K. Brown implied Fogleman has that particular secret on a pedestal higher than the one that was used to secure how Jack died. Given how important the plotline is said to be, it's quite surprising he even allowed her to say this much!

Watson did have a lot of other This Is Us teases to share, however, and confirmed Beth is going to be dealing with some drama in her life in Season 3. Watson confirmed that Deja smashing the windshield of the family Mercedes will only be the start of the younger character's rough transition into the family, as the foster-turned-adopted daughter struggles with the abandonment of her biological mother. Watson also teased some potential drama with her cousin's new relationship with Randall's brother Kevin, whom fans know she is not the biggest fan of. Watson said Beth will certainly have some things to say about her cousin and Kevin, and we can assume the memory of drunk Kevin speeding down the freeway with Tess is still fresh in her mind.

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