The Nanny's Fran Drescher Weighs In On A Possible Revival

The Nanny
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With all of the sitcom revivals taking place, some fans out there may hope that The Nanny is readying to take its place among them. The beloved CBS sitcom was a viewing staple of the mid-1990s for many. So what does the series' star and co-creator Fran Drescher have to say regarding the possibility of reviving the series with fellow co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson? In her words:

We're talking about it. Peter and I are talking about it. We're working on a very big project. It's going to be very exciting for the fans, but I'm not at liberty to announce it yet. But it's gonna be big.

Barring a sudden confirmation of a brand new season, we may not have been able to hope for a better response. Fran Drescher is confirming that she and The Nanny's fellow spearheader Peter Marc Jacobson are working on a project that will excite fans, and it's the stuff dreams are made of. What exactly that project is remains a mystery for now, unfortunately. But mysteries can be fun.

Is it a full-blown Nanny continuation, or perhaps a one-off reunion? Could it be something else entirely, such as a fan festival? Any way it goes, Fran Drescher's disclosure to ET is exciting news. Hopefully, the original cast will all get back together to tell a new set of stories.

With CBS giving the go-ahead to a Murphy Brown revival and a Magnum P.I. reboot for the upcoming fall season, the eye network has obviously shown interest in reviving its beloved TV properties. Whether The Nanny will be allowed to follow suit remains to be seen for now, and it's also unclear when more updates will arrive. How close could this big surprise be? Last December, Fran Drescher said that while she was "open" to bringing the popular sitcom back if someone wanted to do it, she was also working on another project. And just to note: this fan of the show definitely wants her to do it!

The motivation behind bringing The Nanny back sort of goes without needing explanation. Not only are there the millions who watched the show during its original run, but an entirely new audience has undoubtedly been built thanks to its prevalence in syndication over the years. Stand-up comedian Fran Drescher hasn't really found a project since that eclipsed The Nanny, so here's hoping everyone decides to make more happen.

The charming sitcom chronicled the day-to-day life and adventures of Fran Drescher's Fran Fine, the bold, sharp-witted, and sweet nanny to the three children of the widowed Maxwell Sheffield. An uplifting show that offered a unique spin on a familiar premise, The Nanny gave viewers one of its most epic push-and-pull romances as the world waited to see if Miss Fine and Mr. Sheffield would find lasting happiness. How their marriage has fared since viewers last saw them only deepens the yearning for a revival. And their marriage is not the only one worthy of curiosity.

Towards the end of the series, Niles and C.C. Babcock ended up getting together. Are they still? And how are the now-adult kids? Are they taking the world by storm? See? There are many unanswered questions, and only a revival season (or special) of The Nanny could provide the answers. That desire to check back in with the colorful array of characters has only strengthened with time. Hopefully, fans are closer than ever to it actually coming to fruition.

Stay tuned to see if it happens. For new upcoming and returning television shows you can watch in the coming months, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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