2 Broke Girls' Beth Behrs Just Landed Another CBS Series

Actress Beth Behrs landed a role of a lifetime when she teamed up with Kat Dennings on CBS' hit comedy 2 Broke Girls, but since the series came to a close over a year ago (after a questionable cancellation), Behrs hadn't yet locked in a big new role to sink her teeth into. That changed this week, though, with Behrs being brought in as an official replacement lead on the CBS comedy pilot The Neighborhood, which also co-stars New Girl vet Max Greenfield.

For what could potentially be her next big primetime role, Beth Behrs will be playing Gemma, wife of Max Greenfield's Dave. The overly charming and polite Midwestern couple chooses to move into a slightly less-than-ideal neighborhood in L.A., where their positive nature rubs some locals the wrong way. One of those locals will be Cedric the Entertainer, who will play the main neighbor getting mixed up in Gemma and Dave's lives.

The Neighbors is the creation of Big Bang Theory writer and producer Jim Reynolds, who is also executive producing alongside Cedric the Entertainer and sitcom legend James Burrows. According to TVLine, the creative team sought out Beth Behrs after the pilot she was previously attached to, the comedy Culture Clash, was passed over by Fox in the past month. For anyone who thought the actress would have a hard time finding another follow-up project, maybe it would be fun to celebrate with some diner food.

When CBS first started developing The Neighborhood, the comedy series was set to be led by House of Lies' Josh Lawson and Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23's Dreama Walker, with "creative reasons" being the reason why neither of them are on the project anymore. James Burrows had already filmed a pilot with those two actors in the roles, so it's assumed that he'll also be helming the revised pilot whenever it's able to go into production.

Since the end of 2 Broke Girls, Beth Behrs has only popped up on TV a couple of times. Once was for a pretty fun guest star spot on The Big Bang Theory, further strengthening her ties with CBS, and the other was The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary special, where she appeared as herself. (Also on CBS) She also popped up on Ellen at some point near the end of 2017.

Since The Neighborhood is just in the pilot stages, it's unclear when CBS might announce anything else about the project. In the meantime, though, check out what Kat Dennings did for her follow-up series, and bookmark our summer premiere schedule to keep current with all the new and returning shows hitting primetime soon.

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