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Timeless has been cancelled by NBC for the second time in its run, and apparently, it doesn't get any easier the next time around. Co-creator of the time-traveling drama Eric Kripke took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the news, as well as update fans on what the next move is for the show:

Shawn Ryan, the other co-creator of Timeless, appeared to agree with Eric Kripke in his series of tweets, which more or less said the same thing. Neither man seems all that optimistic about the odds of Sony selling the show to another network or streaming platform, so if a two-hour movie on NBC is the best they can get, they're willing to play ball. Of course, Ryan and Kripke would need the support of the Timeless cast in order to make that happen, and while some contract work may still need to happen behind the scenes, Lucy actress Abigail Spencer is on board:

Abigail Spencer's enthusiasm and commitment to serving the fans at this time is commendable, although she's one of the only actors who openly stated a willingness to commit to a two-hour film. That said, Wyatt actor Matt Lanter may very likely be on board as well as he expressed his disappointment in Timeless' cancellation and thanked fans for their efforts to try and convince NBC to renew the show:

Actress Sakina Jaffrey was also disappointed, and decided to couple her thank you tweet to fans with a set photo of Agent Denise Christopher looking very defeated:

The Timeless writing staff most likely all look like Sakina Jaffrey in that photo right now, as they probably had their hearts set on writing another season as opposed to a farewell film. The writers' Twitter account had a bit more to add to the story on the behind the scenes effort to renew Timeless, and it looks like the option at this point is to make a movie or bust:

Obviously, the Timeless cast is wishing they were as lucky as the folks at Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Expanse, Lucifer, and Last Man Standing, but they shouldn't look at a gift horse in the mouth. Timeless writer David Hoffman seems to understand that, and attempted to get fans excited about the possibility of one more adventure to close things out as opposed to a new season:

CinemaBlend will keep tabs on any developments regarding Timeless and keep fans abreast of any news that indicates the movie or another season is coming. In the meantime, head on over to our summer premiere guide and have a look at what's coming to television over the next couple of months.