Is James Wan Directing DC's Swamp Thing Pilot?

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UPDATE: James Wan's publicist reached out to CinemaBlend to say that James Wan will not be directing or co-directing Swamp Thing for DC's upcoming streaming service.

DC's upcoming streaming service got a lot more interesting when it was announced that Swamp Thing would be among the characters that would be getting live-action series on the platform. That news got even more interesting when it was revealed that Aquaman and iconic horror director James Wan would be attached to the project as an executive producer, and recent reports allege he may be doing even more than that. New information has surfaced that claims Wan will be stepping behind the camera and actually co-directing the pilot episode of the upcoming show.

James Wan will reportedly share directing duties with Deran Sarafian, who also has some extensive directing experience in the television. Sarafian has worked on horror-based television projects such as The Exorcist, The Strain, and Hemlock Grove, while Wan has been responsible for modern horror classics such as Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring. The report by That Hashtag Show that the two directors are collaborating for the Swamp Thing pilot certainly further drives the idea that the show will have some horror elements. Although given the character's origin and Wan's involvement in the project in general, many had assumed that prior.

As of now, the report is unconfirmed by DC, but the news that James Wan could co-direct the pilot episode of Swamp Thing wouldn't be that surprising. Wan is also an executive producer on the CBS reboot of MacGyver and served as the director of that show's pilot episode. That pilot is Wan's sole directing experience in the world of television, which may be why DC has Deran Sarafian, who has worked in television for the past 20 years, is on board to help out as well.

DC attaching James Wan to the Swamp Thing pilot would certainly draw some eyes to the series, as casual fans may be wary to check out a series based on one of the comic company's less-acclaimed characters. Swamp Thing certainly has his share of fans, but with a fanbase relatively small measured up against characters like Batman, Superman, or even the cast of Young Justice, the series certainly will benefit from Wan's involvement in any way to further convince the average viewer to tune in. Whether it will be enough to make Swamp Thing a series as successful as DC shows like Arrow or The Flash though remains to be seen.

Swamp Thing will premiere on DC's upcoming streaming service sometime in 2019. For a look at what other superhero shows are coming to television before then, be sure to visit our superhero premiere guide. Those curious as to what else is coming out on streaming services these days can learn a lot by visiting either our Netflix or Amazon premiere guides. Finally, those who just want to see a general list of what's available to watch on television this summer can find what they need with our summer premiere guide.

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