Netflix's House Of Cards Celebrated The Fourth With A Message From President Claire Underwood

House of Cards released a first look tease at Season 6, its final season, back in March, but news on the upcoming episodes has been relatively silent beyond that. That changed on the Fourth of July, as Netflix thought the patriotic holiday was the perfect opportunity to share a short and stern message from the show's new President Claire Underwood:

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As Frank did before her, Claire Underwood broke the fourth wall and stared right into our souls for this teaser, while simultaneously reminding viewers who's in charge in Season 6. The Commandress in Chief addressed Netflix viewers from a throne similar to the one found in the Lincoln Memorial, which is typically what House of Cards viewers would've seen in past promotional materials with Kevin Spacey's now-ousted Frank Underwood. Robin Wright's outfit and hairstyle are exactly the same as they were in the first teaser footage released for the upcoming season, so it would appear that's going to be her signature look as she starts her run in office. No mohawks or messy bobs for Claire.

There's certainly some symbolism in Claire's Independence Day greeting, as the character has plenty to celebrate on our country's signature holiday. Claire isn't just "free" in the sense that Americans are free, but rather free from the destructive influence and bidding of Frank Underwood for the first time in many, many years. The statement, as followed by the hashtag referencing her big line at the end of Season 5, shows that Claire is more than excited to be rid of her duplicitous hubby, and to finally get a real grasp on the power she's been gunning for all throughout House of Cards.

Lots of fans are certainly happier to see Claire in power instead of Frank, but it's not like she's the ideal candidate to lead the show's fictional America. As a First Lady, and in the years leading up to it, she has exhibited her fair share of shady behavior, and Season 5 really solidified that Claire is just as cold-blooded as the rest of the show's villains and hero-villains. That said, Claire certainly looks more confident and indestructible in her new position than Frank ever did, so don't be surprised if she's able to weather any controversy that comes through her Oval Office.

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