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Netflix is the place to be for some truly unique shows that undoubtedly couldn't find an expansive audience on any other platform or network. The ability to binge-watch has almost certainly hooked some viewers into sticking with a show they might not have signed on with on a weekly basis. The streaming giant has officially ordered a show that continues the story of a certain character on a platform that could reach a lot more people than have ever heard of him before. Yes, Netflix has ordered an Ultraman series.

In case you're a fan of DC Comics, your mind may have immediately jumped to Superman's evil counterpart by the name of Ultraman, but we're talking about a very different kind of character. In the Ultra Series franchise formed by a number of different shows and comic series, a major story started when a being called the Giant of Light joined a man named Shin Hayata of the Scientific Special Search Party from an invasion of Kaiju, which were terrifying monsters. As Ultraman, he was able to save the planet from the Kaiju, and the whole terrifying tale could have ended there.

Instead, the manga reveals that Shin Hayata had a son who just so happened to inherit the "Ultraman Factor" from his dad. The teenage Shinjiro discovers his powers just as a new threat is emerging that will require another Ultraman to save the world. Now, no TV adaptation is going to be 100% faithful to the source material, so we shouldn't expect Ultraman to follow the manga exactly. Netflix currently describes it as "an action drama" that revolves around a man who happens to possess both the spirit and the DNA of the legendary Ultraman. He wears an metal ultra suit and uses his abilities to fight evil. Directing Ultraman for Netflix are Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki. The series will premiere on Netflix at some point in spring 2019, although no exact premiere date has been revealed so far.

Ultraman projects have aired in live-action and animation over the years, so Ultra Series fans are undoubtedly wondering how the Netflix show is going to look. The series will be produced in 3D CGI. The initial big announcement of the Netflix premiere in spring 2019 came in the 12th compiled book volume of the Ultraman manga, written by Eiichi Shimizu and drawn by Tomohiro Shimoguchi, then was confirmed by Netflix.

The news that the Ultraman manga was going to get the TV treatment actually broke back in November 2017, but details were scarce. Fans who have been waiting for more news on what's to come will undoubtedly be relieved by that announcement of Netflix as the release platform, even if that release won't happen until next year.

In case you're now in the mood for some anime and have a Netflix subscription, the streaming service has a whole section dedicated to the genre with plenty of options to pass the time during the wait for the Ultraman (opens in new tab) series, including Jaden Smith's project. Our 2018 Netflix premiere guide can give you a look at what's to come in the rest of this year, and our summer TV schedule can help you find some other options as well.

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