Each day brings us closer to the premiere of Outlander Season 4, and the good news is the filming for the fourth season has officially wrapped. We still have months to wait before the next episode hits the airwaves on Starz, but this is still a good sign of progress. Members of the Outlander cast hit social media to share their feelings and celebrate the fact that they wrapped Season 4. Let's start with a message from the lead actors:

This quick message from Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan is fabulous for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it highlights both of their comedic skills. Outlander isn't exactly the funniest show on television, and viewers have seen Claire and Jamie go through hell and back, only to be sent back into hell. Balfe's quick retrieval of coffee was worth a laugh, and it's always amusingly jarring to hear her speak in her native Irish accent while wearing her costume as the English Claire Fraser by the side of the very Scottish Sam Heughan.

In Caitriona Balfe's solo tweet, she went out of her way to be serious and thank everybody who worked on the show during Season 4. By adding #discosnap, however, she made it clear that she's ready for some levity and more than prepared to enjoy the wrap party. Hopefully she got to change out of her corset and wig to do it, although I'm guessing some fans wouldn't object to seeing wrap party pics of Sam Heughan back in a kilt looking like a Highland warrior.

Speaking of Sam Heughan, he didn't choose a celebratory gif that really channeled the spirit of a Highland warrior, but what's not to love about Carlton doing his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dance? Heughan too thanked the folks who worked on the show and then showed some excitement for the wrap party. If we can't get pics of anybody in kilts, can we at least get some video of the cast doing The Carlton?

John Bell, who plays Young Ian, also celebrated the end of his time on Outlander Season 4 with a video, posted on the official Outlander Twitter account. His costume indicates that his final day of shooting had him filming a scene in the American colonies, and book readers probably have some pretty good ideas of where exactly he is. Bell evidently formed a solid friendship with the dog who plays Young Ian's canine pal Rollo, and the feeling is reciprocated, if the dog's licks are any indication.

Sophie Skelton, a.k.a. Claire and Jamie's daughter Brianna, choose to use Instagram to share her feelings on the end of Outlander Season 4. Her comments reveal that despite some difficult working conditions in the Scottish wilderness, she and the cast had a great time filming. Given what we already know about what will happen to Brianna and who will be doing it, it's nice to see that Skelton was able to enjoy her time in the fourth season. Brianna? Probably not so much.

On Twitter, Sophie Skelton posted a tweet proving that she was VERY excited for the wrap party and was open to dancing with on-screen parents Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan as well as frequent scene partner Richard Rankin. In a response that seemed in tune with something Jamie would say to his daughter, Heughan told her that she's too young to party it up with the rest. The 24-year-old Skelton will undoubtedly attend and have as good a time as the rest of the cast; still, it was a fun social media interaction between Skelton and the guy who plays her father.

Richard Rankin plays Roger Wakefield on Outlander, and he too wanted to share his gratitude and congratulations to everybody who had a hand in making Season 4 happen. Book readers know that Roger will have a lot on his plate in the next chapter of the Outlander saga, so it should be fun to likely see more of him when the show returns.

Outlander newcomer Maria Doyle Kennedy had a post of her own, although she didn't explicitly mention the show. Kennedy was cast as a character by the name of Jocasta Cameron, who is Jamie's aunt based out of the colonies. She'll almost certainly have a significant role in the fourth season, and she apparently enjoyed her time filming in Scotland. Unfortunately, we have to wait until the show premieres in November to see how she works in the role.

If you need some shows to pass the time while we wait for Outlander Season 4, take a look at our summer TV premiere schedule. For more Outlander goodness, check out our breakdown of reasons why Outlander is the best show on TV as well as the bunch of new characters that just got cast, although Caitriona Balfe debunked a rumored casting. Be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV news.

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