Queer Eye Plays Matchmaker Again, As William And Shannan Got Married

When it comes to bringing couples together through good-natured sob-fests, Netflix's Queer Eye has a better track record than most shows on TV right now. The latest fabulous celebration came courtesy of Season 2 subjects William Mahnken and Shannan Eller, whose appearance in "The Decent Proposal" has come to matrimonial fruition through an island wedding that is arguably the most adorable and Shannan-able thing that could have happened this summer. Check out the show's congratulatory post to the couple below.

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As stated in a post below, William and Shannan tied the knot with a very private ceremony on the beaches of Amelia Island, which was in stark contrast the very public way the couple got engaged. I mean, they could have let Netflix film it for a supplemental video post, but I guess that would be less about the couple itself and more about what the world needs now, which is love...sweet love. It's the only thing that...okay, I'll stop now. But seriously, William and Shannan do have a uniquely sweet love -- the kind that made Jonathan dip into high-pitched "aww" noises every three minutes or so.

Here's how William made the big announcement to friends, family and all the Queer Eye fans out there. (Take note that the wedding took place the day after Season 2 premiered on Netflix.)

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As viewers definitely remember, the Fab Five revamped William and Shannan's relationship (and furniture) in different ways, which absolutely included a closet-emptying fashion show. However, not even that squad could revamp the personalized ways the couple marked their love for one another, through super-cute notes and that stellar book that Shannan made. It all wrapped up with William putting together a "movie" proposal for Shannan that played on a big screen in front of an amphitheater full of onlookers. And -- spoilers! -- she agreed.

As soon as the episode ended, lots of people almost definitely hoped that the couple would be publicly announcing their marriage at some point in the near future. And what's more, William also shared a pic of the entire family all framed together on the beach.

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This certainly wasn't the first time that Queer Eye took couples' relationships to the next level. First, there was Tom and Abby, the Season 1 premiere subjects who were divorced at the time, but later went on to get back together and got remarried (after another temporary break-up). Then there was A.J., whose coming out was at the heart of the installment "To Gay or Not Too Gay." It was revealed in June that A.J. and boyfriend Andre officially tied the knot. And then in Season 2 itself, the fourth episode captured so-called "just friends" Jason and Beth, whose couple-dom was revealed at the end of the episode. So if you or anyone you know needs a matchmaker, there are worse plans than getting on Queer Eye for a future season.

Both seasons of Queer Eye are currently available to stream on Netflix, and you can head to our 2018 Netflix schedule to see what else is on the way. On that note, our summer premiere schedule will guide you to all the premieres that aren't just streaming.

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