Original Jersey Shore Location Seaside Heights Doesn't Want Family Vacation Filming There

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When Jersey Shore made its notorious original run on MTV, filming took place in the New Jersey borough of Seaside Heights. The drama that ensued has apparently made the township wary of letting the series return there for any future filming. Now, the town that played home to Jersey Shore during its debaucherous first batch of seasons is saying "no" to a full-blown reprise, as Seaside Heights officially denied long-term filming permits for the current series revival, Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

One of the reasons Seaside Heights denied the filming permits was the criminality that went on, and certain cast members' run-ins with the law were cited as part of it. In a statement, they also told TooFab that they do not "need the chaos" in the area, though officials also added it was "nothing personal," saying they are simply moving in a "different direction." Here are some specifics from the full statement.

Numerous publicly available news reports indicate that several cast members were arrested while Jersey Shore was being filmed. Charges included disorderly conduct, aggravated assault, and drug possession. One cast member (Ronald Ortiz-Magro) was arrested in Seaside Heights for outstanding warrants. In addition to these incidents, there are numerous reports, many of which are confirmed in episodes of the show, of fights between cast members and bar fights involving cast members and third parties.

The borough's decision to move on means that fans will not get to enjoy any longterm location-based nostalgia that could have been brought by the cast hanging out at Seaside Heights' houses, clubs and beaches. There is some good news on the filming front, though. While Jersey Shore Family Vacation's cast and crew are not welcomed to film in Seaside Heights for a long-term capacity, the community did grant the producers permission to shoot for two days in late June.

During that time, the cast were able to check out their old stomping grounds. The borough was reportedly moved to allow the temporary filming as a "thank you" to the cast and their efforts to raise money following the devastating repercussions of Hurricane Sandy, per US Weekly. The site also reports where Jersey Shore Family Vacation will bring their antics in Season 2 beyond the previously revealed Las Vegas setting. You can expect Jersey Shore Family Vacation's always dramatic characters to run amok in Wildwood, New Jersey, which isn't too far from Atlantic City. With the cast taking on so many different chapters in their life, it seems appropriate for Season 2 to head to various locations throughout the episodes.

With so many questions on the horizon, fans will undoubtedly be tuning in to see what drama transpires next. No matter the place, fans can rest assured that most of the larger-than-life personalities responsible for making the reality series the fan favorite it is, should remain on the show for the most part. Some change-ups may be coming, however.

Filming on the reality show's second season is currently underway, and Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans will not have to wait too much longer to see how the drama in Wildwood compares to the developments that took place in Seaside Heights. The second season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation will premiere in August on MTV. For new upcoming and returning television shows, you can watch while staying cool, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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