Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans Slams Her Mother After Her Kid Lashes Out

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One Teen Mom alum is having issues with her own mom. Shortly after Jenelle Evans seemed to make some degree of peace with her mother, Barbara Evans, who currently has custody of Jenelle's son, Jace, Jenelle hit social media to slam her mother for Jace's behavior, and she didn't hold back. Apparently, Jace said that Jenelle and husband David Eason (who is not Jace's father) were "pieces of shit," which is obviously not something any mom wants to hear from her child. Jenelle Evans posted this on Twitter in response:

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According to Jenelle Evans, Jace never would have done something like call his mom and her husband "pieces of shit" if she was able to raise him in her own home rather than leave him with her mother. Barbara Evans currently has custody of the 8-year-old Jace after Jenelle signed custody over back in 2011, and she and her daughter were largely estranged for quite a while.

Jenelle Evans' tweet indicates that they were repairing their relationship as of late, and it sounds like the court decision that set a visitation schedule for Jace to stay with his mom on weekends, holidays, and during the summer was working for Jenelle until her son dropped the insult. Her tweet seems to state that Jenelle blames her mother for getting Jace in the mindset where he would say such a thing rather than Jace for actually saying it. Basically, any progress between mother and daughter may have been ruined.

Now, given that Jenelle Evans signed custody of her son to her mother under her own volition and has a history of drug use, some folks on Twitter tried to argue that Barbara Evans deserves respect for taking care of young Jace. Jenelle had a counterargument, and she elaborated on what she thinks went wrong that Jace insulted her and her husband:

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This certainly isn't the only time Jenelle Evans has felt the need to speak up on social media about a way she's felt wronged. Back in 2016, she accused MTV of an unfair portrayal in Teen Mom 2, going so far as to say that she's "highly disappointed" and "rethinking ever letting my life be filmed ever again."Judging by her current issue with how her mom is raising Jace, she seems to consider herself the victim of unfair portrayal yet again, but in real life this time.

Only time will tell if the two Evans women will be able to reconcile in the future. They'll undoubtedly still be in each other's lives as long as Barbara has custody of Jace. We'll have to wait and see if Jenelle has any more to say about the sticky situation on social media.

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