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Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans walked down the aisle and exchanged I-dos with Cortland Rogers back on December 4, but unfortunately, the honeymoon period is already over. The newlyweds got into an explosive fight over Twitter yesterday, and for at least the time being, they’re now living apart.

According to US Magazine, the fight started over phone calls Rogers made to his ex/ baby mama and his daughter. At least one reportedly happened after Evans went to bed, and while he claimed he was talking to his daughter for an extended period of time, the former Teen Mom star was not buying it.

Here’s a look at one of the actual tweets in question…
”First of all why is yr daughter up at 11pm anyways when u were "talking" to her on the phone?! Haha right.”

Sources close to Evans have told various outlets in the past that the relationship wasn’t necessarily the most healthy for her, but up until the past few days, she seemed pretty happy. As of now, both Janelle and Cortland have vowed to go their separate ways, but there’s always the chance of a backslide until the actual divorce papers come out.

Pop Blend wishes Evans and Rogers nothing but the best regardless of whether they try and work it out or not. Some people just aren’t meant to be together, and sometimes realizing that sooner is a whole lot better than doing so later.