Jenelle Evans Busted For Heroin, Craziest Teen Mom Scandal Ever?

Like most of the girls who appeared on MTV’s Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans has had more than her share of problems. She lost custody of her child, split from her baby daddy, married another dude, broke up with him after less than a month, got back together with him, broke up with him again and now, has topped it all with arguably the biggest scandal in the show’s tumultuous history.

According to TMZ, both Jenelle and her on-again husband Courtland Rogers were arrested in North Carolina today for assaulting each other and having numerous bindles of heroin, some drug paraphernalia and an illegal painkiller. Apparently, she threw a piece of furniture at him during an argument, and he allegedly punched her with a closed fist to the side of the head. The police rushed to the scene, and when they arrived, they allegedly found the drugs. Since neither one of them would admit the drugs belonged to them, both were charged with possession with intent to distribute.

For most shows, this would obviously be the most absurd thing that’s happened, but in the Teen Mom universe, it might not even make the top three. Just this month, Farrah Abraham shot a sex tape with a porn star, demanded millions for it and brought her dad and daughter to the negotiating table. Last year, Amber Portwood, after numerous problems with drugs and assaulting her baby daddy, belligerently told a judge she’d rather go to jail for five years than go to rehab, and the judge approved her wish and sentenced her to five years.

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